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Lottery winners aid
fire department, NRAD
Hills give generously at Camden Point
A new station that will house the Camden Point Fire Department and a northern Platte County base for the Northland Regional Ambulance District (NRAD) is nearing completion at Camden Point, thanks to the generosity of Lottery winners Mark and Cindy Hill.

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark assistant editor

Thanks to a generous donation, Camden Point Fire Protection District will soon replace an ailing fire station with a dual functioning two-story fire and ambulance station.

Longtime Dearborn residents Mark and Cindy Hill graciously donated a portion of their land and the necessary funds to build an estimated 11,000 square foot structure for Camden Point’s volunteer fire department.

Multimillionaires Mark and Cindy won half of the $587.5 million jackpot when one of their five tickets matched all six winning numbers. Since winning one of the Lottery's largest jackpots on Nov. 28, 2012, Mark and Cindy have very eagerly invested in their community.

Early efforts to build the fire station on a nearby parcel of land initially lagged. Rather than postponing the highly anticipated project, Mark and Cindy donated a portion of their own land.

As a result of that determination, construction of the new fire station is well underway.

Steve Folck, a member of the Camden Point Fire District Board of Directors, said the four-bay fire station will support a 24-hour service operation for the Camden Point Fire Department and the Northland Regional Ambulance District (NRAD).

No tax revenue is being used to construct the fire station, officials said.

The facility is expected to open in April or May, Folck said.

As in the past, the Camden Point Fire Department will continue to offer mutual aid to surrounding fire departments as needed.

Despite the city's relatively small size, Camden Point isn't short on volunteer firefighters. The number of firefighters fluctuates anywhere between 14-20 volunteers at any given time.

“We are the smallest tax district with the lowest revenue in the entire county, but I will stand those guys up to any fire district anywhere,” said Folck. “They train like crazy and they are very professional. You get a big bang for your buck in Camden Point.”