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Charged with sodomy at
English Landing Park

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

Charges were filed last week in an alleged rape that occurred in English Landing Park in Parkville in July of 2014.

A break in the case came recently when authorities say certified lab results of swabs taken from the victim indicated a “state level offender hit” in the criminal database and indicated the offender information as the suspect, Oliver Wain Hall, age 37, of the Parkville area.

Hall is free after posting bail. His bond was $75,000 with a 10% cash option allowed. As a condition of bond, he is to have no contact with the victim in the case. His next court appearance is set for Dec. 29. He is charged with the Class C felony of sodomy in the second degree.

The incident was reported to Parkville police shortly before 3 a.m. on July 29, 2014. Police say the male victim, age 26, was visibly upset, yelling for help and claiming to have been kidnaped. The man told police he had been picked up by a black male in the Westport area in Kansas City and had been sexually assaulted in the woods. Police say the victim was intoxicated and was transported to St. Luke’s Northland hospital. Seven hours later police interviewed the victim at the hospital.

The victim said he had accepted a ride from a black male outside a Westport bar. After a stop at a residence that the victim described as “up a large hill on a winding road into a residential subdivision surrounded by trees,” the suspect came back to the car carrying two bottles of strawberry Smirnoff Ice and a bottle of Tito’s Vodka.

The victim said he was driven back down the hill and into a parking area near a trail. The victim said he did not know where he was but could hear a train.

The two men exited the vehicle and walked a short distance on a trail into a wooded area. That’s where the victim says the suspect struck him in the head with a closed fist, knocking him to the ground. The victim says the suspect then pulled down his pants and sexually assaulted him. The victim told police he yelled “stop” and started hitting the suspect with a closed fist. After the alleged assault, the suspect ran to the parked car and drove away, according to court documents.

The victim says he lost a hat and a lighter during the assault. Police say the victim identified Hall as the suspect based on a photo spread shown to him by authorities.

At about 11 a.m. on the morning of the alleged assault, police say they found a crime scene in the English Landing Park about 50 feet west of the parking lot down the North Twin Trail. Authorities say alcohol bottles, the victim’s hat and other items were found there. Police say the bottles were processed and fingerprints were recovered.

In an interview with police on July 30, 2014, Hall denied knowing the victim or sexually assaulting anyone. No charges were filed until after notification from the Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Lab on Nov. 12 of this year that the certified lab results from swabs obtained from the victim indicated offender information as allegedly being Hall.