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QT pledges money to
intersection work

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

QuikTrip is back on board.

An email from QuikTrip officials to the City of Platte City on Tuesday indicates QT is on board with making a $350,000 contribution to the Hwy. 92 and Kentucky intersection project.

The work, scheduled to occur in the summer of 2016, would create a four-way intersection along Hwy. 92 at Kentucky, behind QT and McDonald’s.

The $350,000 from QT will join $500,000 from the City of Platte City and $500,000 from Missouri Department of Transportation for the $1.35 million project, not including right of way acquisition and engineering costs.

Engineering costs to date are about $138,000. Construction funding for right of way acquisition and construction project was anticipated from the city, MoDOT and private sector partners, including McDonald’s and the Wilson Trust. The private sector partners--McDonald’s and the Wilson Trust--have committed that right of way property to the city at no charge, a value of about $260,000, said D.J. Gehrt, city administrator.

Gehrt said the email from QT came in about 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, just a few hours before an economic development subcommittee meeting at which he was ready to recommend that the project be canceled due to lack of participation from QT.

“The day ended much better than it began,” Gehrt said at the economic development subcommittee meeting Tuesday night.

A formal agreement on the deal could be ready for city officials to examine as soon as October, Gehrt indicated.

The project will extend Kentucky Avenue north across Hwy. 92, up the slope into the back parking lot of McDonald’s and QuikTrip, in essence giving a “back door” into McDonald’s and QT.

The new portion of roadway will be useful to all traffic and particularly to the large truck traffic that has been know to cause slowdowns on Prairie View in front of McDonald’s and QuikTrip.

Under the plan, the intersection of Hwy. 92 and Kentucky will become a full four-way intersection and create a direct signal-controlled road from the rear of those two businesses onto Hwy. 92.

“This should greatly relieve congestion caused by southbound traffic at the Hwy. 92/Prairie View/Running Horse intersection,” Gehrt told The Landmark last summer when the project was first talked about publicly.

City officials say a major benefit of the new roadway construction will be in allowing a route for semitrucks to get away from using Prairie View as an access to Quik Trip and McDonald’s.

“This will focus on getting the semis away so they can quickly get back on Hwy. 92,” Mayor Frank Offutt said at the time.