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Search firm to cost
school more than $21,000

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

A search firm is in place now as Park Hill gets serious in its search to replace the dispatched Scott Springston, who left the district in April under terms of a resignation agreement following a personnel investigation.

The Park Hill School Board has voted to hire School Exec Connect to help with the superintendent search and hiring process.

The search firm will charge the school district $21,000 plus expenses up to $5,200, more if additional expenses are authorized in writing by the president of the school board.

After screening applications from five search firms, the board chose three to interview. Boon Lee, school board president, said School Exec Connect was the best qualified to help, with the best strategic plan and the greatest emphasis on openness with the community.

“We chose this search firm because they demonstrated that they will be able to help us attract the kind of top-quality superintendent applicants Park Hill expects,” Lee said. “And they share our commitment to transparency and engaging our stakeholders in this process.”

Some of the highlights of the agreement include:

•Dr. Craig Larson, Dr. Keith Marty and Dr. David Benson will represent SCHOOL EXEC CONNECT, INC., as consultants for the superintendent search. Dr. Larson will lead the search.

•The consultants will conduct focus groups with stakeholders identified by the board and create a district-wide survey approved by the Board and distributed by the district. a New Superintendent Profile will be created from information derived from the focus groups and district-wide survey. The New Superintendent Profile will be presented for board approval and will be used in screening candidates for the superintendent's position.

•The consultants will advertise the vacancy through regional and national venues approved by the board. The consultants will make individual contacts to recruit qualified applicants to this position.

•The consultants will accept applications on their website, screen candidates, interview selected candidates and present a slate of vetted candidates to the board by a mutually agreed upon date.

•The consultants will provide information and training for the board and for the Committee Interview Teams on items related to search protocols, questions and questioning techniques, interviewing and presentation of candidates, salary and compensation package recommendations, a possible site visit, and other matters related to the search process.

•The fee for professional consulting services is $21,000 plus actual expenses detailed below.

•Expenses will not exceed $5,200, unless authorized by the Board President in writing. Expenses include, but are not limited to, candidate travel, consultant travel, interviewing expenses, postage, secretarial support, supplies, copying expenses and focus group expenses.

•Advertising costs will be determined, approved and paid by the board.

•The board will incur the costs of candidate interviews and related expenses after the slate of candidates has been presented.

• All applications will be sent directly to the consultants through their website.

•The consultants assume no responsibility for decisions the board makes independently regarding this search.

•The consultants have been retained on the basis of their expertise and shall advise the board in all necessary areas associated with the hiring of a superintendent.

•If the new superintendent resigns or is dismissed for any reason within twelve months of commencing duties, the consultants will conduct a new search for the board at no additional cost to the district except for actual expenses.

•The consultants guarantee they will not recruit the superintendent whom they place in your district for his/her first two contracts.

•If the board deems no final candidate can be chosen from those candidates presented on the slate, the consultants will continue to present candidates for actual expenses only until the board agrees upon the selection of a new superintendent. No consulting fee will be charged in addition.

•All documents produced and received by the consultants will remain the property of the consultants. Documents provided by the consultants to the district may become public records to the extent provided by law. The consultants shall turn over to the district copies of all documents relating to candidates recommended by the consultants at the time such recommendations are made.