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Carjacking attempted
at Shops
at Boardwalk

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

A Kansas City man is accused of attempting a carjacking while he was armed with a knife in a parking area near the Shops at Boardwalk shopping center located in Kansas City in Platte County, not far from Barry Road on Thursday.

James E. Morgan, 28, is charged with a felony count of attempted robbery. Authorities say Morgan attempted to forcibly steal a 2014 Ford Focus by opening the vehicle’s door and displaying a knife to the owner of the vehicle inside.

Kansas City police responded to the scene at 8628 North Boardwalk Avenue. A female told police that a man, later identified as Morgan, had attempted to open her passenger door, which was locked. Morgan then allegedly walked to the driver’s side door and opened it while holding a knife in his hand. According to court documents, Morgan tried to force the victim out of the car.

The victim told police she forced the door closed and Morgan again opened it up. They struggled, pushing and closing the door open and shut, according to court documents. Morgan lost his footing and the victim was able to get the door shut and lock it
The female said Morgan did not say a word to her and then walked away.

Authorities say Morgan then walked toward a second victim, who was putting bags in her Ford F-150 pickup. The victim told police she noticed Morgan walked toward her and that he was about five feet away from her. The female said she immediately got into her truck and closed the door as fast as she could but her purse was in the way so the door would not close completely.

She said she was then able to get her purse off her shoulder and get her door completely closed. Morgan then walked away, according to court documents. The woman told police she believed Morgan was attempting to assault her and that she feared for her life.

Officers arrived on the scene and witnesses pointed out Morgan who was still on the scene. Both victims were able to identify Morgan as the person who attempted to rob them, according to court papers.

Morgan was arrested and transported to Jackson County Detention where police say he waived his Miranda Rights. Police say Morgan admitted to trying to force his way into two cars.

According to court documents, Morgan admitted to police that he intended to steal the victims’ cars and was using the knife to intimidate the victims.

Police say in the court documents that Morgan stated he planned to take the victims with him and release them at a later time.

On Friday, Platte County Circuit Court Judge Quint Shafer issued a warrant for Morgan’s arrest, setting his bond at $50,000 cash-only.

As of Landmark press time, Morgan was not yet listed as in custody in Platte County.