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QuikTrip proposal
pushed ahead by board

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Taquitos and fountain drinks are now a step closer to being a reality in Parkville.

On Tuesday night Parkville's Planning and Zoning Commission approved a rezoning application and preliminary development plan for a new QuikTrip planned to be located at the southeast corner of Highway 9 and Highway 45.

The plan calls for a “Generation Three” style store with 5,858 square feet of retail space, which features a larger fountain drink and fresh food selection as well as barista and cooks to make food to order. There will also be 18 gas pumps and 74 parking spaces.

Matt Brooks, project manager for QuikTrip, told the commission and audience that the site would be shielded from the Pinecrest neighborhood because when the area is graded a hill near the Bank Liberty site will remain intact and will have trees planted on top for screening from the residents.

The bank left about an 80 foot buffer area between its building and the residential property line, but QuikTrip is going to be at least 300 feet away.

The main point of contention for some residents was the proposed roadway connections. The site will have a driveway connection near Bank Liberty along Highway 9 and a right-in right-out only connection along 45 Highway. The concerns were raised about a connection to the outer road in front of Platte Valley Bank to Julian Drive.

Don Julian, Riss Lake developer, said it would add too much traffic to Julian Drive and would make it difficult for residents and customers to be able to make turns onto Highway 45.

Brooks said it was a requirement from the Fellowship of Grace Church to make the connection in order for QuikTrip to be able to purchase the property.

Michael Porter, pastor at Fellowship of Grace Church, told the commission that the roadway connection is important to the church's future expansion plans. Porter also said that without the connection the sale of the property might not actually occur.

Brooks also told the commission that QuikTrip was more than willing to put in a stoplight at Julian Drive, but that the Missouri Department of Transportation had approved their traffic study and did not see the need for traffic light.

He also said QuikTrip was not asking for any tax incentives to build in Parkville and would be more than happy to participate in a possible Community Improvement District to help fund improvements recommended from the city's Highway 9 Corridor Study.

The commission approved the preliminary development plan with some conditions such as studying alternatives for the frontage road and additional landscaping options.

The applicant will now have to come back to the planning and zoning commission with a finalized plan that will also need to be approved. The next scheduled planning and zoning commission meeting is for May 12 at 5:30 p.m.