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Accused of stealing from
his employer
Charged with theft from lumber center

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark assistant editor

A court hearing has been set involving a former employee at Hull's Lumber Do-It-Center, who allegedly gained $162,000 through fraud and theft while he was employed at the company in Weston.

Most employers entrust their employees with their products, services, and job-related responsibility. Employees who have access to finances, patents, or other highly sensitive information, assume even more trust. Unfortunately, a company's reliance can be threatened.

According to court documents, George Hull, owner of Hull's Lumber Do-It-Center, began experiencing a cash-flow problem around the last business quarter of 2013. Upon his investigation, evidence began to reveal that an employee in the financial department was allegedly stealing large amounts of money over the course of approximately one year.

Alleged evidence he obtained led to the dismissal and arrest of 34 year-old Daniel Wieser of Weston. The Platte County Prosecutor's Office charged Wieser with a class B felony of stealing more than $25,000 and four class D felonies of fraudulently using a credit card in the value of $500 or more.

The probable cause statement alleges that Wieser made numerous credit returns to several personal credit cards without making any purchases. Upon this discovery, Hull requested a police presence during Wieser's termination.

When Hull formally requested that Wieser leave the building, Wieser said, “I can explain, I'll have your money in a week.” When the owner told him the situation was not up for debate, Wieser added, “I just want you to know I haven't taken any merchandise.”

According to court documents, the owner said, “We're talking over $20,000. The employee responded, “I know, I'll have money for you in a week.”

Authorities allege Wieser stole $12,577.75 in cash from bank deposits made from January 2013 through December 2013. Court documents also allege that Wieser used a debit card belonging to a person whom Wieser resided with to make 16 fraudulent debit returns to Hull Lumber Do-It-Center totaling $23,512.96.

On his own personal debit cards, he allegedly used two Bank of America debit cards to commit 87 fraudulent debit returns in the amount of $77,247.11 and another 132 fraudulent debit returns to Hull Lumber Do-It-Center totaling $44,968.45.

He allegedly utilized a fourth debit card, belonging to his girlfriend to commit another $5,449.75 worth of fraudulent transactions.

The girlfriend told authorities she was previously injured in a vehicular accident and rarely left the house. When Wieser asked her if he could use her debit card to make deposits, she figured it would be practical for him to have access to her account for deposits and withdrawals.

The monetary sum of theft and fraud was more than $162,000, states the probable cause statement.

Wieser is scheduled be appear in court before Platte County Circuit Court Judge James Van Amburg on Feb. 5.