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Man stabbed in fight
outside Weston bar

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark assistant editor

A major disturbance outside of O'Malley's Bar in Weston landed one man in intensive care with a stab wound and left another man facing charges of felony assault and felony armed criminal action.

Authorities say an uninvited guest entered a private banquet room where a wedding reception was being held inside O'Malley's Bar at 500 Welt Street on Sunday night.

According to court papers, the unwelcome bar patron, identified as 54-year-old Mark Cordell of North Kansas City, was asked to leave the room.

Witnesses say Cordell declined to leave and became combative. The groom summoned Justin Gowin to escort Cordell outside the bar. Following a verbal altercation, Cordell was removed from the bar. In the parking lot, according to court documents, Cordell allegedly instigated a fight by striking Gowin.

According to court documents, during the physical altercation Gowin felt a stabbing pain in his neck and noticed a knife in Cordell's hand.

Gowin began shouting for help, but soon lost consciousness. A witness who heard the screams came to his assistance and ordered Cordell to release the knife.

Cordell was restrained until police arrived. According to court documents, patrons had detained Cordell on the ground in the parking lot of the bar.

Police found the victim, Gowin, being attended to inside the bar by several patrons who were off duty medical personnel and law enforcement personnel.

Cordell has been charged with a class B felony of assault in the first degree and a felony of armed criminal action.

The offense of armed criminal action carries a minimum prison sentence of three years. Cordell’s bond has been set at $75,000 cash-only.

Authorities say Gowin suffered a serious flesh wound to the chest and was transported to the North Kansas City Hospital. As of Tuesday, Gowin remained in the intensive care unit.