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Facing felony charges in
theft of liquor

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark assistant editor

Charges have been filed against a man who allegedly stole 10 bottles of liquor from Woods Mini Mart in Platte County.

Authorities say Clarence Jenkins of Leavenworth entered Woods Mini Mart on two separate occasions and stole nearly $180 worth of liquor off the shelf.

The Platte County Prosecutor's Office charged the 61-year-old with a class C felony of burglary in the second degree and a class D felony of stealing. The alleged crimes occurred days apart.

According to court documents, Jenkins entered Woods Mini Mart just after 3 p.m. on April 18. While inside the store, he allegedly proceeded to enter an “employee-only” section that was closed off to the general public.

Jenkins allegedly removed several bottles of liquor and hid them beneath his clothing. Authorities allege Jenkins placed the bottles inside a white Dodge Intrepid with Kansas plates and returned to the closed-off section two consecutive times. Jenkins allegedly made off with $139.71 worth of alcohol.

On April 21, Jenkins allegedly returned to Woods Mini Mart only to discover the employee-only section locked and secured. But that allegedly did not deter Jenkins. Police allege Jenkins took two bottles of liquor near the front counter and concealed them in his clothes. The liquor was valued at $37.56.

During a police interview Wednesday, Nov. 12, Jenkins allegedly told authorities he stole the liquor from Woods Mini Mart to pay for his heroin habit.

Woods Mini Mart is located at 27015 Hwy. 92 near Beverly. The charges against Jenkins reflect the fact he is a repeat offender who pled guilty to two additional offenses of larceny.

Authorities say Jenkins pleaded guilty to larceny on Nov. 17, 2008 in Sarasota, Fla. and pleaded guilty on Jan. 11, 2011 in Bradenton, Florida.

Jenkins’ bond has been set at $15,000 cash-only.