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R-3 scores in bottom
half of comparison
Results come in 7th out of 12 similar districts

by Stephanie Eaton
Landmark reporter

During the October Platte County R-3 Board of Education meeting, board members continued to look at the school system’s test results from the 2014 school year.

While the board was provided with the End of Course (EOC) and Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test results during the September board meeting, board members continued to look at how the district results stacked up against other districts that had similar demographics.

While Platte County R-3 did appear to do well in some areas against the other districts, in other areas the district ranked near the bottom.

On Thursday, Platte County R-3 Assistant Superintendent Dr. Mike Brown presented members of the school board with an academic assessment summary of the 2014 EOC/MAP results. In the packet of information presented to the board, members were able to view how the district compared to other school districts with similar demographics.

Other school districts that Platte County was compared against were Excelsior Springs 40, Fort Osage R-1, Grain Valley R-V, Kearney R-I, Kirkwood R-VII, Liberty 53, Mehville-R-IX, Park Hill, Raymore-Peculiar R-II, Smithville R-II and Webster Groves.

In a previous interview with the Platte County Landmark, R-3 Superintendent Dr. Mike Reik, encouraged members of the public to attend the October board of education meeting. He said the academic assessment summary to be presented during the October meeting was a better indicator of how students were doing than what was presented during the September meeting.

Reik had said that the other 11 school districts that were being compared with Platte County in the academic assessment summary during the October meeting offered similar classes to their school district.

During the September board meeting, the public learned that in the area of English II, R-3 was 82.2 percent proficient or advanced compared to other students across the state. However, during the academic assessment it was discovered that Platte County ranked ninth out of the 12 schools it was compared against.

Algebra I was one of the areas that the school district had lower scores compared to other school systems across the state.

During the September meeting, the public learned that only 67.1 percent of the students who took the Algebra I test were considered proficient or advanced. However, Reik said in a previous interview that not all school districts in Missouri allow their eighth grade students to take Algebra I. Reik said some of the smaller school districts have all their students taking the eighth grade math test, while R-3 does not.

He said it is because of factors like these that do not allow R-3 officials to compare state test score numbers to numbers with other school districts.

However, during academic assessment summary it was discovered Platte County still placed lower than several of the other schools it was compared against. According to the assessment results, Platte County ranked seventh out of the 12 schools.

One area that the school district excelled in was government. During the academic assessment summary, it was determined that Platte County was ranked second out of the other 12 school districts. Park Hill was the only school district that placed higher.

Platte County also did better than over half of the other benchmarked districts in the area of Biology I. During the September meeting, it was determined that 81.1 percent of Platte County R-3 students placed proficient or advanced in Biology I. During the October meeting, school officials said that Platte County ranked fourth out of the 12 other school districts.

Dr. Reik said in a previous statement he is extremely proud of the hard work the school system is providing to its students. He said the school district will review the test data and continue to develop a very specific action plan to help improve test scores. He said school officials will not stop reaching for success.

“Our goal is to be best in class,” Dr. Reik said.