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Platte City businesses
hit by recent burglaries

by Stephanie Eaton
Landmark reporter

A Platte City business found itself the victim of a burglary last week when someone broke in and stole $24,000 worth of equipment.

Platte City police officials said there are no suspects in the case and this is one of many break-ins that have occurred in Platte City.

According to Platte City Police Department investigator Michael Reilly, a person or persons broke into Horticultural Impressions, a landscaping business located near 2nd and Hwy. 92, during the evening hours of Sept. 24 or the early morning hours of Sept. 25.

Reilly said $24,000 worth of power tools and a vehicle were stolen from the business during the burglary. While the company's stolen vehicle was later discovered in the 900 block of Bello Mondo, no suspects have been identified in the case.

Reilly said this was not the only burglary that Platte City police officers are investigating. Seven other Platte City businesses have been the victims of burglaries. Reilly said the burglaries have occurred at night and no suspects have been identified in the cases.

Reilly said the seven previous burglaries have occurred between July 31 and Sept. 19. Money, computers, a television, power tools, alcohol and jewelry were taken during the seven different burglaries.

In a burglary that occurred on Aug. 10 it is known that an unidentified black male committed the burglary, as his image was captured on a security camera. In several cases, the suspect or suspects gained entry by forcing open the front door. Several of the businesses that were robbed were located along Hwy. 92, police said.

Reilly said police also are not sure if the burglaries are related and whether or not the crimes have been committed by the same person or persons.

Reilly also said there are several things local businesses can do to protect themselves from falling victims to burglars. Reilly encourages businesses to install alarm systems and video surveillance systems. He said he would also recommend not keeping money in the business overnight.