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R-3 coach charged with murder
Bond set at $1 million for Simms

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

A Platte County High School freshman boys basketball coach has been charged with first degree murder.

Marcus J. Simms, 31, is accused of killing his girlfriend in his Clay County apartment on April 30.

Simms, who served as a non-faculty freshman boys basketball coach at Platte County R-3 for three years, has been in custody since the incident.

He was originally only charged with tampering with a motor vehicle as the investigation into the death of Michele Boldridge continued. His original bond was set at $500,000 but that amount was increased to $1 million after the murder charge was filed last week.

Some new information is brought to light in court documents filed with the murder charge on Thursday.

Court papers allege Simms caused his girlfriend’s death by stabbing her. She died from wounds to her head, authorities say.

Upon arriving at the apartment complex at 7950 N. Hickory about 6:50 on the morning of April 30, Kansas City police officers contacted a witness living in the apartment directly below the apartment in which Simms lived. That witness told officers she heard an argument between a male and a female. Officers then noted blood on the door knob of the locked door. A maintenance worker unlocked the door for the officers to check the welfare of anyone inside, and the officers found Boldridge dead from wounds to her head, court papers say.

The witness told police she had heard a woman screaming “Stop, stop, stop,” then heard someone walking down the stairs toward the parking lot.

Authorities say the coach left his Northland apartment naked, bloody and distraught.

Neighbors say the former coach was pounding on nearby apartment doors.

According to court documents, Simms drove 11 miles from the apartment complex located in the 7900 block of North Hickory Street (near the intersection of North Oak and NW Barry Road) to the Liberty Public School Bus Barn at 801 Kent Street at 7:30 a.m.

Authorities say Simms roamed the parking lot naked and encountered a bus driver. The female driver observed blood on Simm's left hand and a cell phone in his right hand. When she told him to leave the premises, Simms said, “You don't understand, someone just killed my girlfriend.”

Running on his toes, Simms tried to enter a building located on the grounds of the school bus barn. Unable to gain access into the building, Simms jumped up and down several times.
Court documents allege Simms located a silver 2003 Chrysler Town and Country minivan unlocked with the keys on the floorboard in the front parking lot of the bus barn.

The owner of the vehicle told authorities she left keys in the vehicle while she drove a school bus so her daughter could drive the minivan to Maple Woods Community College.

Police say Simms left the area in the minivan leaving behind his green 2005 Ford Focus that he parked near the Probation and Parole Office in Liberty. Authorities say the steering column and gear shifter were covered with dried blood.

Minutes later, police responded to a car having left the roadway along Hwy. 152 near I-435 inside the city limits of Parkville.

Upon arrival, police said Simms was outside of the vehicle and distraught. He was taken to a nearby hospital, though he had no visible physical injuries, where he was later taken into custody.

Court documents indicate that Simms has declined to provide information to police or be interviewed by detectives regarding the case.

In a formal statement released by the Platte County R-3 School District, the district acknowledges Simm's connection to the school district. Simms worked as an assistant freshman boys' basketball coach at Platte County High School from October of 2011 to February of 2014.

Court records indicate Simms is being represented by attorney Matthew Merryman of Liberty. Next court appearance for Simms is set for July 15 in Clay County Circuit Court in front of Judge Louis Angles.


Marcus Simms