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Baker not yet taking
Weston alderman spot

by Stephanie Eaton
Landmark reporter

The Weston Board of Aldermen unanimously approved an ordinance that officially declared the results of the April 8 municipal election.

While Monday night's meeting should have been a night to swear in newly elected board of aldermen member Bill Baker, instead Baker sat through the meeting as a member of the audience.

According to Baker, a possible conflict of interest that required him to seek legal advice was the reason he did not participate in the swearing in ceremony.

Weston Mayor C.R. Carter said the conflict of interest concerns Baker's part-time job.

“There is a conflict between Mr.
Baker working for the City of Weston as a part-time employee at the water plant and serving as an alderman,” Carter said.

Baker said he is seeking the advice of legal counsel before being sworn in.

“We had some legal questions,” Baker said. “I work for the Rural Water District and I am on the Road District Commission. There were some issues brought up and I am having an attorney look into it right now.”

Baker did not specify what issues were brought up and who brought up the issues. However, Carter said if the issues are resolved that the city is planning a special meeting to swear Baker in.

“The city is planning on Mr. Baker to be sworn in at our special meeting on June 3.

If sworn in, Baker will serve as an alderman for Ward I.

Although Baker was not sworn in, Weston City Clerk Kim Kirby did have the opportunity to swear in Joyce Burch. Burch will continue to serve as aldermen for Ward II.

During the meeting, outgoing Aldermen Patrick Farnan was recognized for the work he did during his time on the board. Farnan was presented with a plaque by Carter during the meeting. Carter said he appreciated all the hard work and dedication Farnan provided to the citizens of Weston.

“I would like to thank Mr. Farnan for the past two years,” Baker said. “Mr. Farnan did a fantastic job as alderman of Ward I. I am proud to call Mr. Farnan a friend and I wish him all the luck during his retirement.”