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Quik Trip
now in doubt
Needed off-site improvements
threatening project at Parkville

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark reporter

Six months have passed since developers announced their intent to acquire prime real estate at the southeast corner of intersection Highway 9 and Highway 45 in Parkville.

The site, it is proposed, would become home to a Quik Trip and a McDonald’s.

Public talk of the proposed development has virtually ceased, leaving many left wondering whether the developers' interest has subsided.

McDonald's and Quik Trip submitted preliminary development plans last year to the city of Parkville.

Shortly afterward, officials with Quik Trip and McDonald's hosted a public meeting and invited residents from several nearby subdivisions.

During the 80-minute informational meeting held at the New Covenant Baptist Church, neighbors of the proposed developers expressed some concerns, primarily about increased traffic.

Several residents argued the 24-hour retailer would trample the peacefulness in their residential community and jeopardize their quality of life.

After Quik Trip disclosed that its business would generate a a flow of traffic with approximately 200 cars an hour, traffic congestion and additional noise associated with Quik Trip were other causes of concern aired by residents.

Perry Pelton, regional real estate manager with McDonald's USA, said the fast food restaurant could generate an equivalent number of vehicles.

After receiving feedback from their potential neighbors, officials with Quik Trip and McDonald's met with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to discuss the necessary improvements to Highway 9 and Highway 45.

Despite any official word, Sean Ackerson, assistant city administrator and community development director of Parkville, indicated Tuesday there is the potential for the developers to terminate their proposal.

“The developers are trying to work through that process with the possibility that the off-site improvements were greater than the development could bear,” Ackerson told The Landmark on Tuesday.

According to Matt Brooks, a real estate project manager for the Quik Trip Corporation, Quik Trip has not submitted their final development plans and indicated the developer is continuing to work through numerous challenges, including the effort of adding a new signal along Highway 9.

Brooks indicated it would take a few more months before a final decision is announced to the public. If and when the developers officially decide to move forward and submit a final development plan, a public hearing will be held before the city’s planning commission.

Quik Trip is proposing to construct a 6,000 square foot facility with 16-gas pumps. Fuel will be stored underground in three 20,000 gallon double-walled gas tanks and one 12,000 gallon gas tank. The gas tanks will need to be filled on a daily basis, normally during evening hours.

Currently, Quik Trip has 680 retail stores in 11 different states. On average, each store generates approximately $1 million annually in retail taxable sales.