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Dr. David Lowry
wins Bracket Battle
Finish above Foley?
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Dr. David Lowry, a pediatrician in Platte City, is this year’s winner of The Landmark’s Bracket Battle.
As the champion, Lowry wins $100. He instructed The Landmark to make his winning check out to the Kansas City Humane Society, and the newspaper did so on Tuesday. Lowry picked up the check and posed for a photo.

This is the 18th year for The Landmark’s bracket contest, and one of the most unusual in that zero of our more than 180 entries correctly picked the tournament champion.

Connecticut, a seventh seed, won the national championship game over eight-seeded Kentucky Monday night.

As stated, none of the entries had Connecticut winning. In addition, none had Kentucky winning, so we were able to grade brackets before Monday night’s championship game was even played.

One person in our contest had Connecticut making it to the championship game, and only one person in our contest had Kentucky making it to the final.

Ivan Foley, Landmark publisher, finished with 114 points. All entrants who finished with a score higher than Foley win a one-year subscription to The Landmark.

It is required that you contact the newspaper to claim your prize by June 1. To get credit for your free one year subscription, call The Landmark, 816-858-0363, or email ivan@plattecountylandmark.com to provide your mailing address.

You can also claim your prize by stopping in The Landmark office at 252 Main St. in downtown Platte City.

David Lowry-144
Curtis Moppin-141
Judy Eckhart-138
Tami Manville-136
Cameron Kincaid-136
Staci Blaha-136
Brenda Sinclair-136
Kade Taulbee-134
Doug Baldwin-134
Melvin Grame-134
Tom Sellmeyer-132
Lance Otto-132
Steve Manville-130
Nic Smith-130
Sue Palm-130
Jason Klindt-130
Johnny Shultz-130
Bill Hankins-128
Kevin Lockhart-128
Mike McCarty-128
Steve Plumb-128
Judy Grame-128
Billy Smith-128
Curtis Kitchen-128
Helen Steffel-126
John Morrison-126
John L Steffel-126
Linda Whitmore-126
Matt Chapman-126
Steve Heuton-126
Greg Hall-124
Steve Hays-124
Judy Wilson-124
Stan Kijowski-124
Desmond Davis-124
Bobby Davis-122
Tom Taulbee-122
Dwight/Amy Foley-122
Anne Thomas-122
Janet Keim-122
Karla Weigman-122
James Thomas-122
Bruce Mead-122
Larry Bodenhamer-120
Kurt Foley-120
Aaron Black-120
Chris Seufert-120
Ione Roe-120
Jared Speckman-120
Earl Shultz-120
Rob Marshall-120
Kathy Roelofson-120
Robert Eckert-120
Brianne Steffel -118
Doris Delzeit-118
Lee Brandt-118
Bobby Hensley-118
Larry Van Fosson-118
Jennie Hernandez-118
Anna Nutt-118
Brian Maxwell-118
Daryl Grame-118
Kathleen Scanlon-118
Jack Swaney-118
JC Steffel-116
Kevin Thomas-116
Jeff Pribyl-116
Judy Moppin-116
Jackson Gregory-116
Brody Fulk-116
Ivan Foley-114
Ken Pearson-114
Wes Minder-114
Adam McGinness-114
Christy Myers-114
JoKaren Brown-114
Irvin Reineke-114
Donna Van Fosson-114
Dianne Lockhart-114
Robert Schultz-114
Dennis Meyer-112
George Weigel-112
Jane Johnson-112
Terrie Taylor-112
Mark Jackson-112
Gayla Kiefer-112
Craig Cook-112
Matt Demarco-112
Brian Kubicki-112
Kurt Kloeblen-112
Kim Moppin-112
Walter Hooser-112
Alnoma Grame-112
Taylor Plumb-112
Elley Scanlon-110
Bill Williams-110
Kelly Turner-110
Grant Jackson-110
Marty Highlander-110
Pat Pearson-110
Kevin Lynch-110
Brad Verkamp-108
Conor Miller-108
Todd Shifflett-108
Kirby Holden-108
Andrew Hernandez-108
Nancy Meers-108
Gordon Cook-108
Court Sinclair-108
Ed Kamler-108
Lori Meyer-108
Pete Pence-108
Warren Williams-108
Lew Meyer-108
Duane Eckhart-108
Kinsey Barton-106
James Walker-106
Jeremy Schultz-106
Vickie Smith-106
Ruth Brandt-106
Anthony Hernandez-106
Art Brown-104
Jami Love-104
Eddie Highlander-104
Cory Kincaid-104
Judy Williams-104
Linda Foley-104
Jim Ball-104
Brad Taulbee-104
Bradley Turner-104
Molley Scanlon-104
Travis Steffel-104
Bill Quitmeier-104
Linda Godsil-104
Austin Shanks-104
Susan Shultz-102
Sherry Jackman-102
Chris Kamler-102
Donna Kamler-102
Robert Jackman-102
Ronald Miller-102
Terry Harless-100
Jill Sarver-100
Corla Dawson-100
Lorri Koesema-100
Sandra Thomas-100
Hoai Tran-100
Shayla Taulbee-98
Shake Pepper-98
Tammy Davis-98
Larry Whitmore-98
Alan Cook-96
Jackson Cook-96
Beth Taulbee-96
Jenny Pence-96
Frank Roe-96
Rob Willard-94
PJ Holmes-94
Julie Davis-92
Kerry Scanlon-92
Syd Meers-91
Greg Sager-90
Jerry Grame-90
Janel Zion-90
Kaylee King-90
Beau Sigrist-90
John Hiner-88
Nate Harris-88
Mrs Fake Ned Yost-88
Shannon Thomas-88
Michele Omundson-86
Derek Shultz-86
Kari Pollock-84
Bruce Duffin-82
John Davis-82
Jared Welch-82