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Quik Trip seeks a Parkville location
Intersection of Hwys. 45 & 9 coveted

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark reporter

Look out, Kicks 66, Quik Trip would like to move in to the Parkville area.

Sean Ackerson, community development director for the city of Parkville, confirmed Monday that Quik Trip, a convenience store and gasoline retailer, has submitted preliminary development plans for a site in the heart of Parkville.

The proposed Quik Trip would be located on what is now a vacant piece of property at the southeast corner of the intersection of Highway 9 and Highway 45.

“They are proposing to go on a lot that is not yet created,” Ackerson said. “The vacant lot property is west of the New Covenant Baptist Church and north of Bank Liberty.”

According to the preliminary development plans, the 24-hour convenience store will be a one- floor 5,858 square feet building, just across the street from Kicks 66 gas station/convenience store.

The height of the proposed Quik Trip facility is 22 feet.

A drawing also indicates there will be eight gas ‘stations’ with a pump on each side, meaning 16 pumps available. The drawing also includes an option to expand. The pumps would be protected by a double stacked large encompassing canopy. The well- known gasoline/convenience retailer also shows 65 parking spaces surrounding the facility in its plan.

Patrons would be able to fully access the proposed facility along Highway 9. Motorists along Highway 45 will only be able to enter or exit the grounds by making a right either in or out of the parking lot.

The preliminary drawing also reveals Quik Trip's plans to construct a red, white, and black vertical monument sign complete with the Quik Trip logo.

The drawing indicates the sign will be approximately 17 feet in height and 6 feet in width.

Once the building is constructed, a maximum number of 10 employees could work at the convenience store, indicates the preliminary development plan.

As with any new development, there are always initial concerns with excessive traffic flow and additional disruptions to the area. Concerned citizens will be able to express any concerns they may have about the new convenience store during an upcoming meeting.

According to Ackerson, neighboring citizens are welcome to attend an informational meeting where representatives from Quik Trip will be on hand to answer any questions regarding their plans. The meeting will be held Wednesday, Oct. 16 at 6 p.m. at the New Covenant Baptist Church located at 8501 Highway 45 in Parkville.

Currently, Quik Trip's preliminary development drawings are being reviewed at the city's staff level. When final plans are submitted by Quik Trip, a public hearing before the city's planning commission will be scheduled.

When reached by phone by The Landmark on Tuesday, Matt Brooks, an agent of the Quik Trip Corporation, said he wishes to refrain from making any statement regarding the proposed development at this time.

“I would like to refrain from that until we get an official date (for a hearing) from the city,” said Brooks.