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Bill Hankins, retired photojournalist, won The Landmark's annual Bracket Battle this year with 181 total points.

Hankins retired from The Landmark last year. He lives in northern Platte County with his wife, Marcia. He is a member of the Missouri Photojournalism Hall of Fame and apparently a part-time college basketball handicapper. He takes home the $100 prize.

There were a record 190 entries in The Landmark's contest this year. Everyone finishing with a better score than Landmark publisher Ivan Foley’s total of 145 points --and that's about 50 of you--will receive a free one-year subscription to The Landmark.

Your free subscription must be claimed by calling 816-858-0363 or by emailing Foley at ivan@plattecountylandmark.com to let us know where to mail your paper.

Bill Hankins-181
Ron Peden-177
Bradley Turner-175
Tom Taulbee-175
John Hiner-172
Billy Smith-171
Eddie Highlander-171
Desmond Davis-169
Sue Palm-167
Paul O'Neill-165
Aaron Black-165
Derek Shultz-165
Lawrence Anderson-163
Larry Whitmore-163
Kathy Roelofsen-163
Pat Pearson-163
Linda Godsil-163
Johnny Shultz-161
Blaire Sampsell-161
Frank Thurman-161
Brett Lemons-161
Judy Moppin-161
Kevin Lockhart-159
Diane Lockhart-159
Rob Willard-159
Linda Foley-157
Lori Meyer-157
Gordon Cook-157
Sue Shultz-157
Bess Grame-157
Terry Harless-157
Matt Chapman-157
Kathy McKay-157
Ron Rugen-157
Matt Demarco-155
Steve Manville-155
Jo Karen Brown-155
Adam McGinness-155
Earl Shultz-155
Steve Sampsell-153
Kecia Tinder-153
Kirby Holden-153
Cindy Rinehart-153
Tricia Zenner-153
Jason Klindt-151
Jerry Grame-151
Tammy Glick-151
Shawn Peters-151
Shaker Pepper-151
Terrie Taylor-151
Brian Kubicki-151
Doug Baldwin-151
David Lowry-149
Brian Maxwell-149
Jacob/Blake Desselle-147
Chris Geter-147
Linda Whitmore-147
Brad Weisenberger-147
Ivan Foley-145
Brian Zenner-145
Christy Myers-145
Brett Anderson-145
Kelly Turner-145
Judy Wilson-143
Chris Kamler-141
Heather Strueby-141
Taylor Plumb-139
Steve Kincaid-137
Anna Nutt-137
Steve Heuton-137
Larry Van Fosson-135
James Thomas-133
Ione Roe-133
Peter Pence-131
Anna Rasmussen-131
Doris Delzeit-131
Steve Hernandez-131
Jim Ball-129
Jimmy Hensley-129
Jennie Hernandez-129
Daryl Grame-127
Cameron Kincaid-126
Travis Steffel-125
Rick Porter-125
Brad Taulbee-125
Rhonda Hance-124
George Weigel-123
Helen Steffel-122
Lew Meyer-121
Mike Walsh-120
Irvin Reineke-120
Jason Tinder-120
Tracy Sisney-120
Jill Sarver-120
Randy West-119
Robert T Schultz-119
Todd Shifflett-119
Judy Grame-119
Wes Minder-118
Stephanie Riechers-118
Kara Kamler-118
Karla K Weigman-117
Tony Borchers-117
Stan Kijowski-117
Curtis Keling-116
Ann Riggs-116
Staci Blaha-116
Mark Jackson-116
Marshall Blaha-115
Chris Seufert-114
John L Steffel-114
Shannon Thomas-114
Julie Davis-114
Ken Pearson-114
Andrea Plunkett-113
Kandy Watson-113
Marty Highlander-112
Deana Anderson-112
Beth Taulbee-112
Jenny Pence-112
Randy Jones-110
Frank Roe-110
Charisse Vaughn-110
Ron Nelson-110
Billy G Anderson-108
Bill Williams-108
Graham Sampsell-108
Kenna Sampsell-108
Cory Kincaid-108
Janine Moore-108
Cliff Northern-108
Anthony Hernandez-108
Norm Rasmussen-107
Andrew Hernandez-106
Austin Shanks-106
Will Sterrett-106
Jennifer Pence-106
Michael Kincaid-106
Steve Plumb-106
John Steffel-104
Vickie Smith-104
Dan Johnston-104
Kenny Miller-104
Dora Kelly-103
Bradley Anderson-102
Rhonda Height-102
Rebecca Ankrum-102
Sherry King-102
Walter Hooser-102
Greg Hall-102
Morris Ray-102
Greg Sager-102
Judy Williams-102
Curtis Kitchen-100
Mike Reik-100
Kurt Foley-100
Alyssa Foley-100
Allison Richardson-100
Spencer Butler-100
Dwight/Amy Foley-100
Dave Richey-98
PJ Holmes-96
Sarah Rasmussen-96
Bobby Davis-94
Jaycie Davis-92
Rachel Holden-92
Lance Otto-92
Tammy Davis-92
Bobby Hensley-92
Tom Sellmeyer-90
Dave Darby-90
Matt Ernst-88
Patrick Ishmael-86
Melvin Grame-86
Curtis Moppin-86
Tim Orth-86
Craig Fisher-84
Andy Hyland-82
Nate Harris-82
Rob Desselle-82
Leslie Sandgren-80
Alnoma Grame-80
Marie Nigh-76
Taylor Sampsell-74
Chrissy Dunn-72
Donna Van Fosson-70
Anne Thomas-68
Katie Kauffman-68
Kelly Harris-64