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Older low-speed
vehicles must
be inspected

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Additional requirements are now in place for low speed vehicles and neighborhood vehicles within the city of Parkville.

On Tuesday night the board of aldermen approved changes to their ordinance concerning golf carts and neighborhood vehicles. The new changes will require any neighborhood vehicle older than two years to be inspected before it can be registered in Parkville.

The ordinance only applies to vehicles which will be driven on public roads and are required to be registered with the city.

All inspections must be completed, “by a licensed Missouri Vehicle Inspection station or a person or entity in the regular business of repairing, servicing, and/or maintaining Neighborhood Vehicles…”

Sean Ackerson, interim city administrator and community development director, said there is no set fee for the inspection and the company doing the inspection would set the fee. Inspections would not have to be completed by a company within the city of Parkville.

The inspection would be have to be completed by filling out a form, which had not been created as of Tuesday night, according to Ackerson.

Inspections of the vehicles would include checking that the brakes and parking brake are working, making sure the vehicle has a rear view mirror, it must have no fewer than four tires, and “not less than two thirty-seconds of an inch of tread” on the tires.

The vehicles will also be required to have a flag attached to the vehicle no less than seven feet off the ground.

Once all of the items on the list were checked and approved on the form, the owner could then apply for registration on the vehicle.

The requirements for inspection only apply when a vehicle is older than two years. Newly purchased vehicles would not be required to have an inspection form completed.

The inspections will be required every two years when the city's registration is expiring on the vehicle, before a new registration is issued.

The approved inspection requirements are not required for golf carts being registered within the city of Parkville.

Low speed vehicles and neighborhood vehicles are designated as vehicles that travel between 20 and 35 miles per hour, according to Ackerson. Golf carts are vehicles, which can only travel less than 20 miles per hour.

Persons operating a low speed vehicle are required to have a valid driver's license, however a license is not required to operate a golf cart.