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Road rage driver
gets prison term

A repeat felony offender faces up to 37 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of multiple felonies in connection with a road rage incident in Platte County. Bradley W. Ise, 39, of Platte City, was convicted on February 27 of second degree assault, leaving the scene of an accident, two counts of first degree property damage, and driving while revoked.

Platte County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Zahnd said, “This defendant rammed into one car and put another into the concrete median, and he then ran from the law. The law has finally caught up to him.”

During the trial, prosecutors proved that on July 22, 2010, Ise was driving a black Chrysler 300 which he intentionally rammed into the back of a red Chevrolet Impala traveling on Interstate 635. Ise did not stop at the scene of the first crash, but continued driving.

Moments later, Ise intentionally swerved into a white Ford Fusion on Interstate 29 near 64th Street, spinning the car into the median. Ise again fled the scene.
The driver of the Fusion testified that he saw Ise driving erratically on Interstate 635 and strike the Impala. He then saw Ise on the shoulder of I-635 near I-29 and testified Ise came across all lanes of traffic toward his vehicle.

Just south of 64th street, Ise swerved into the white Ford Fusion, causing him to hit the concrete median wall. The crash left the tail of the Fusion resting on the median with its nose pointing into oncoming traffic. The Fusion’s back two tires were popped, one of its rims was bent, and the bumper and fender-well were torn completely off the car.

Suspecting that Ise was responsible for both crashes, the driver of the Impala stopped when he saw the damaged Fusion.

Missouri Highway Patrol Sergeant Brian Kelley was the lead investigator on the case. Kelley passed away in December of 2012 after battling cancer, but his prior testimony regarding the incident was presented at trial. Zahnd said Kelley’s testimony was instrumental in convicting Ise.

Ise was charged as a prior and persistent offender as a result of being found guilty after jury trial in August 2009 of three counts of felony aggravated assault in the State of Kansas. Those assaults were also committed using a car. Ise’s driver’s license was revoked at the time of his Platte County crimes.

Following the jury’s verdicts, Judge Abe Shafer increased Ise’s bond to $250,000 cash only. Ise is scheduled to be sentenced by Shafer on April 18 at 9:00 am.

Zahnd said his office planned to ask Shafer to sentence Ise to the maximum possible sentence of 37 years. “Road rage puts people’s lives in danger and will not be tolerated in Platte County,” he said. “When a rage-filled driver repeatedly uses a car as a weapon to attack other drivers, his actions constitute assault with a dangerous instrument.”

The case was investigated by the Missouri Highway Patrol. It was prosecuted by Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys Amy Ashelford, Mark Gibson, and Dan Portnoy.