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Central Platte payments
to firefighters listed

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

Central Platte Fire Department paid out more than $143,000 last year to its volunteer firefighters for their time responding to calls.

Records furnished by Central Platte show 41 different firefighters received checks.

The checks, most of which were distributed in December at the department’s annual Christmas party, were for responses (referred to as “runs” by the department) during the time period of Dec. 1, 2011 to Nov. 30, 2012.

The volunteer firefighters are compensated on a per-run basis. The amount of compensation per run increases as the firefighter’s run total increases.

Specifically, firefighters receive $13 for each run up to 150; $15 per run from 150-250; $16 per run for 250 or more; and a one-time $300 bonus if they hit 425 or more runs in the year.

Firefighters who logged runs from Station 1, which is Central Platte’s main fire station located at Second and Main Streets in downtown Platte City, are listed below.

Larry Bigus, chief, logged 958 runs in the time period of Dec. 1, 2011 to Nov. 30, 2012.

Others near the top in regard to the number of responses included William Elsbury with 625 runs; Thomas Flanders 585; Mitchell Lindstrom 490; Dustin Kerns 459; and assistant fire chief Rob O’Dell with 457.

Following, in alphabetical order by last name, is each firefighter responding from Station 1, the number of runs each participated in, and the amount of pay.
Larry Bigus, 958 runs; $15,078.
Mike Bigus, 260, $3,610.
Jeff Bruner, 244, $3,360.
Kevin Burge, 48, $624.
Chris Columbus, 273, $3,818 (records show he reimbursed $775.06 to the department).
Justin Comer, 7, $91.
William Elsbury, 625, $9,750 (reimbursed $650 to the department)
Thomas Flanders, 585, $9,110 (reimbursed $587.52 to the department).
Carl Foreman, 345, $4,970 (reimbursed $524.61 to the department).
Chris Glover, 20, $260.
Zach Grenier, 222, $3030.
Paul Hoegler, 104, $1,352.
Dustin Kerns, 459, $7,094.
Brett Lemons, 129, $1,677.
Todd Levell, 16, $208.
Mitchell Lindstrom, 490, $7,590 (reimbursed $290)
Kaleb Lorg, 30, $390.
Tyler Meyer, 285, $4,010 (reimbursed $403.32).
Gabriel Morgan, 192, $2,580.
Haley O’Dell, 106, $1,378.
Rob O’Dell, 457, $7,062.
Steven Pharper, 101, $1,313.
Kent Pine, 29, $377.
Aaron Read, 1, $13.
Al Ryan, 308, $4,378.
Mike Ragone, 387, $5,642.
Travis Ragone, 236, $3,240.
Chad Shiner, 235, $3,225 (reimbursed $367.78).
Kyle Snyder, 323, $4,618.
Chris Stackhouse, 107, $1,391.
Eric Steeby, 77, $1,001.
William Stone, 123, $1,599.

Kristina Sutphin, 21, $273.
Rob Wibright, 127, $1,705 (reimbursed $157.64).
Arnold Wilkins, 212, $3,017.
Todd Campbell, 38, $494.
Dave Cox, 350, $5,525.
Aaron Hulett, 291, $4,281.
Patrick Payne, 398, $6,293.
Chris Tramel, 418, $6,613.
Anthony Neland, 113, $1,495.

The Central Platte Fire District is governed by a three member board of directors, who are elected by residents of the district. Board members are Paul Regan, chairman; Andy Stanton, and Mike Ashcraft.

Stanley George served as a board member for three months of the pay period. He was defeated by Stanton in the April election. Junior Coons served until passing away. Ashcraft was appointed his successor.

Board members are paid $110 per meeting.

Checks issued to board members for service in the time period of Dec. 1, 2011 to Nov. 30, 2012:
Stanley George $330.
Paul Regan $1,540.
Junior Coons $440.
Andy Stanton $1,210.
Mike Ashcraft $770.

Jacy Anderson is the fire district secretary. She was paid $1,820 in the year Dec. 1, 2011 to Nov. 30, 2012.

Lisa Bjustrom performs accounting and bookkeeping duties for the district. She was paid a total of $3,019 in the most recent year.

Bjustrom’s standard accounting fee is $220 per month. She earns an additional $7 document fee for other paperwork, such as writing early checks to firefighters who in the past have requested advance payment on “run money” due to them.

The Central Platte Fire District’s tax levy is set by the board of directors.

A maximum allowable rate is established by the state each year based on assessed valuation within the district and other factors. The board can then set the tax rate at any rate equal to or below that maximum amount.

The district’s current tax levy is .3131 per $100 assessed valuation. That’s at the maximum rate allowed per the state formula.