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Filing now open for
city, school positions

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark reporter

Municipalities and school boards across Platte County have numerous elected positions on the ballot next spring, and filing has already opened for candidates.

The filing date to apply for the open seats runs from Dec. 11, 2012 through Jan. 15, 2013.

In Platte City, three aldermen positions are up for grabs. The seats are currently held by Aldermen Ron Stone of Ward 1, Ron Porter of Ward 2, and John Higgins of Ward 3. Elected city officials will serve a two-year term.

As of Tuesday about 2 p.m., there had already been two filings. Porter has filed for reelection in Ward 2 and former alderman Lee Roy Van Lew has filed for Ward 1, the seat currently held by Stone.

In Parkville, four aldermen positions currently held by Diane Driver of Ward 1, Jim Werner of Ward 2, Kendall Welch of Ward 3, and Nan McManus of Ward 4 are available.

In Riverside, three aldermen positions are available. The positions are currently filed by Mike Fuller of Ward of 1, Aaron Thatcher of Ward 2, and Bradley Cope of Ward 3.

Nearby in Northmoor, the positions held by Aldermen Rick Medill, Kathy Shaver, and Kelly Davenport are up for grabs. Additionally, a two-year term of mayor is open.

Lake Waukomis, Houston Lake, and Weatherby Lake each have two aldermen positions available. In Houston Lake those position are currently occupied by aldermen Phil Otte and Rick Cowan. In Lake Waukomis those seats are currently occupied by Dwyer Sanders and Kevin Roepe.

Additionally, the position of mayor of Houston Lake, municipal judge of Lake Waukomis, and municipal judge of Weatherby Lake are also open.
Mary Hoy and Dave Folkerahl currently hold the alderman positions at Weatherby Lake. The position of municipal judge is also vacant. Larry Maher was recently appointed to serve as municipal judge after Beverly Roper was elected to serve as a Platte County commissioner.

Mayor Hallauer, who currently serves as the mayor of Houston Lake, has served since February 2004. Steven Sanders, currently serves as the municipal judge of Lake Waukomis.

Three seats are vacant in Tracy including the position of mayor, as well as two aldermen seats. Julie Thomas currently serves the city of Tracy as mayor, while Aaron Bryant and Rita Rhoads, a former mayor, occupy the current aldermen positions.

The following municipalities have two alderman positions available: Ridgely, Camden Point, Dearborn, Edgerton, Farley, and Weston.

In Weston, the positions up for grabs are currently held by Kent Stelljes and Tim Hill. In addition, the position of mayor, currently served by Carlen Carter, is also available.

In Ferrelview and Iatan, three trustee positions are up for grabs. In Ferrelview the position of emergency management health officer, currently held by Steven Carr, as well as the position of water commissioner, held by Greg Wilson, and building commissioner currently held by Tom Pesch are open for filing.

Dianne Smith and Alice Wendleton of Iatan currently hold the opening seats, while the third trustee position has remained vacant since the last trustee resigned their post.

In addition, several school boards have positions up for grabs. In the Park Hill School District there are two three-year terms and one two-year term available. The seats are currently held by Susan Newburger, Todd Fane, and Chris Seufert.

In the Platte County R-3 School District, two positions are open on the school board. They are currently being held by Adam McGinness and Mary Temperelli.

West Platte has two positions up for grabs including one three-year term, as well as a one-year term.

In the North Platte School District there are two positions available on the school board. Elected board members will serve a three-year term. Those seats are currently occupied by Eric Meadows and Vince Roberts.