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Local household
income is down
5% since 2008

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark reporter

The median household income in Platte County has fallen, U.S. Census Bureau data indicates.

In 2008, the median household income in Platte County was $65,128. Data taken in 2011 indicates the median household income dropped to $61,863 over that three-year time frame. That is a five percent reduction.

Of the 71,511 individuals 16 years and over in Platte County, 47,537 civilians are employed, 4,053 civilians are unemployed, and 19,492 Platte Countians are not in the labor force, says the Census Bureau in a report referred to as the American Community Survey.

The report is based on a survey, published in September, that provides data on occupations, incomes and benefits, health insurance coverage, commuting to work, as well as the percentage of families whose annual income is below the poverty level.

Jason Brown, presiding commissioner for Platte County, says the recession has had a major impact on every state and county. He says Platte County is beginning to see positive indications that the local economy will rebound at a quicker pace than in previous years.

“Platte County is about 30 percent up on building permits over last year,” said Brown.

He also says year-to-date the total sales and local use tax revenue collected by the county is at $9,515,942.03. That is an increase of 8.4 percent.

Brown said the devastating effects of the recession linger.

“I think it is a slow and gradual change,” said Brown. “A few years from now we will more clearly see the incremental growth that is actually occurring,” he said.

“Do I think that everything is rosy? No, but we have weathered the storm well in Platte County due to commercial developments.”

Last week local officials in southern Platte County also saw positive indications that the local economy is improving.

Sean Ackerson, community development director of Parkville, reported to the Parkville Board of Alderman on Sept. 19 that the city has received its first townhome permit that it has seen in a while, as well as a remodeling expansion permit for $1 million worth of construction.

Local officials say these are signs Platte County is moving in the right direction.