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Domestic assault charge
filed against Platte City man

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark reporter

A Platte City man has been charged in the alleged assault of his pregnant wife.

The Platte County Prosecutor's Office charged Mirwais Zalmai, 32, with a second degree domestic assault, a Class C felony, for allegedly punching his wife in the head with his fist and sexually assaulting her on Sept. 6.

According to court documents, the victim's sister, Easha Moghul of London, England, contacted the Platte City Police Department around 11:50 p.m. stating that her sister reached out to her through means of telephone as well as internet claiming that she had been beaten and forced to perform sexual acts by her husband. Moghul was also told by her sister that “the beating was so bad she thought she was going to die.”

Moghul's attempted to persuade her sister to call the authorities, but was unsuccessful. The victim told her sister she was much too fearful of Zalmai.

Moghul said her sister claimed to be in pain and needed to rest in bed. But after not hearing from her sister for four consecutive hours, Moghul become very worried and contacted the Platte City Police Department on behalf of her sister.

According to the probable cause statement, when officers arrived at the residence located in the Willamsburg Terrace Apartments, they noticed a mark on the woman’s left cheek.

When the woman was interviewed by a female officer regarding the injury, she told them that she had been beaten several times and had been sodomized by Zalmai. The woman was transported by ambulance to an area hospital where she underwent an examination and treatment for her injuries.

Zalmai was taken into custody and was questioned by authorities.

Allegedly, in the early morning hours on Thursday, Sept. 6, Zalmai confronted his wife about a previous conservation he had with his mother, who told him his wife was unhappy and did not love him.

During that altercation, Zalmai allegedly called his wife names and later struck her with his fist when she fell asleep.

At approximately, 5 a.m. she awoke to Zalmai allegedly hitting her and choking her neck. He told her that he was going to forcibly sodomize her as a form of punishment.

The woman’s medical examination concluded that she had been anally assaulted, as well as suffered bruising on her hip and swelling to her head behind her ears. The woman conveyed to authorities that she fears her husband or his family will murder her.

The woman was taken to a shelter for abused women but has since left the shelter, according to police.

Zalmai and his wife are originally from Pakistan. His wife speaks Urdu, but little to no English. Local authorities say they are appreciative that other agencies including the FBI cooperated in this case by obtaining a translator for the victim.

Platte County Associate Circuit Court Judge Thomas Fincham set Zalmia's bond at $15,000. He was released from the Platte County Detention Center on Sept. 7, after posting the $15,000 cash bond.

Upon his release, Judge Fincham ordered that the defendant have no direct or indirect contact with the victim and forced Zalmai to surrender his passport to the court.

At a court hearing held Tuesday of this week, the victim’s attorney, Mark Ferguson, requested bond conditions be modified to allow contact between the defendant and victim. Zalmai, who is represented by attorney Scott Campbell, also appeared in the courtroom that day. Judge Fincham changed the order to state that the defendant “have no offensive contact” with the victim.

In many cases, women decide against pressing charges in domestic violence cases for various reasons, including the fear of retaliation.

But Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd, speaking in general terms and not specifically in reference to this case, said: "My office routinely prosecutes domestic violence cases despite the victim's reluctance to cooperate with an ongoing investigation and prosecution."