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‘Piggyback Bandit’
visits Platte County

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark reporter

With the upcoming high school football season upon us, many parents, students, and public administrators might be alarmed to discover the “Piggyback Bandit” arrived in Platte County.

But without incident, the man often referred to as the Piggyback Bandit, recently spent two nights at the Four Points by Sheraton near KCI in Platte County.

Sherwin Shayegan, 31, revealed to a hotel guest service agent that he is banned from attending high school sporting events in two West coast states including Washington and Oregon, as well as three states to the north including Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana.

According to the Independent Record, Shayegan was arrested and pled guilty earlier this year in Helena, Montana for leaping upon on the backs of two high school soccer players during a game.

“I made a mistake,” Shayegan told authorities in Helena. “I was just trying to be funny and get a piggyback ride.”

The municipal court judge there ordered him fined $730.

“It's not funny,” the judge told Shayegan. “It could be dangerous.”

Police in Helena witnessed Shayegan fist bump the soccer player before hiking himself on the player's back, states the Independent Record.

Neither soccer player reported injuries.

But Shayegan's strange behavior has sparked concern for the safety of school athletes across the country.

According to various reports, Shayegan weighing approximately 250 pounds and standing about 5'8,” raises himself onto the backside of male athletes hoping to take full advantage of a piggyback ride.

During Shayegan's unexpected three day visit to Platte County there were no reported incidents of any peculiar behavior. In fact, folks in town described him as cordial and pleasant.

Before leaving town he told several locals he hopes to return to the Show-Me State soon to catch a Kansas City Chiefs game.




Sherwin Shayegan