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Charged with assault of police officer
Driver of armored truck resisted
orders from KCI officers

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark reporter

The driver of an armored truck is charged with assaulting a Kansas City International Airport police officer.

Delbert W. Campbell, 47, of Kansas City, allegedly struck Officer Robert Daniels with his fist before trying to tackle him to the ground on Monday, June 4, at around 9:35 a.m.

According to the probable cause statement, Officer DeAnna Wheeler attempted to issue a ticket to a motorist driving an armored truck inside of Terminal B at the Kansas City International Airport, after she witnessed the motorist driving recklessly.

The officer reported she observed the driver of the armored vehicle speeding, making illegal lane changes, and nearly colliding with her patrol vehicle.

Once the armored vehicle came to a complete stop at 35 North Rome Circle, Officer Wheeler approached the truck. The driver of the armored vehicle refused to open the window of the truck and allegedly verbally abused the officer. He allegedly said, “f-you, I can't open the f****** window.”

The officer instructed the motorist to step out of the vehicle. According to law enforcement, the motorist refused to exit the vehicle and was very belligerent. When the officers attempted to contact the man’s employer, the motorist finally stepped out of the armored truck.

He allegedly continued to use profanity directed at the two KCI police officers. He told them he had to remain at the front of the truck so that his partner, for whom he was waiting, could see him. The motorist initially refused to hand over his driver’s license and told law enforcement they did not have jurisdiction, according to the probable cause statement.

When he finally handed his driver's license to Officer Wheeler, he was properly identified as Delbert Campbell. While the officer was writing Campbell a citation, he attempted to get back into the truck. Officer Daniels told him to remain in front of the truck.

Campbell allegedly responded “F-you” three times and proceeded to enter the truck, which prompted Officer Daniels to take him by the arm, according to court documents. Authorities say Campbell punched Officer Daniels in the face with his fist and tried to tackle him to the ground.

Officer Wheeler drew her weapon and ordered Campbell to stop and lay on the ground. Campbell recognized he had a gun pointed at his head and did as he was instructed.

After Daniels handcuffed him and he was sitting on the concrete in terminal B, Campbell allegedly said “I bet you feel good about yourself, escalating something that didn't need to happen.”

The Platte County Prosecutor's Office charged Campbell with a class C felony of assault of a law enforcement officer in the second degree. Judge Van Amburg set his bond at $25,000 cash-only.

An arraignment was held on Wednesday, June 6 in front of Judge Van Amburg. Campbell appeared in court with his Attorney Chuck Palmentere and entered a plea of not guilty. Upon requesting a 10% bond to the court, Campbell posted $2,500 on Wednesday, June 6 and was released on bail.

Campbell's next court date is scheduled for July 17, at 9:00 a.m.

The image shown above is from a video of the scuffle taken by an eyewitness and broadcast on KCTV-5.

Delbert Campbell