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Owner of B&B says her
business is
good for city

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark reporter

Janet Byers says the Romantic Getaway Today Inn is a business she is extremely proud to run.

But over the last few weeks there has been discussion in town revolving around its uniqueness.

As reported in the May 16 issue of The Landmark, Marie Sprague, a neighbor to the business, appeared at a Parkville Board of Aldermen meeting to express concerns about the bed and breakfast, referring to it as “an adult-themed hotel.”

Byers, a businesswoman who frequently resides at the bed & breakfast in Parkville, feels encouraged about the way the business has taken off since it first opened last January, in spite of a neighbor Byers describes as a “busy body” who is actively speaking out against the Romantic Getaway Today Inn.

“I have three bookings a day,” said Byers. “And we are a four room bed and breakfast.”

Majority of the Inn's business comes from referrals made by previous guests to their family and friends, said Byers.

“It is pretty much word of mouth other than the (recent publicity) that was presented. Based upon the article apparently it is something they want, it is something that is needed, and it is something that they enjoy.”

Byers said most guests live in the state and many reside locally. Guests come here on their honeymoon and to celebrate their wedding anniversaries, she added. Other guests visit the B & B to find passion.

Our guests would not want the bed and breakfast in Parkville if it was a “bad thing,” she said.

Byers is frustrated with the woman who spoke out against the establishment May 15 during a board of aldermen meeting because she has not stayed at the inn.

A quick tour of the inn reveals four spacious suites adorned with soft lighting, rose petals, and a few items to inspire creativity.

A book by Dr. Laura Berman sits on the bookshelf next to a DVD titled Yoga for Couples. Guests will also find games that invoke a sense of romance.

“We aren't doing anything to upset anyone,” she said. “And you can't say that we are. I went out of my way because that same citizen said she saw someone walk around the back with a bathrobe on. That guest was asked to use another route to the hot tub,” she said.

“There is no way this business could be harmful to Parkville, Missouri when I book three of the four rooms every night of the week.”

Rates at the Romantic Getaway Today Inn are $150 a day on the weekend and $125 during the week.

The bed and breakfast offers gourmet meals that are either prepared by Byers or catered into the establishment. Liquor is not sold to guests.

“I am not trying to run anything sleazy. I am a very good businesswoman. I figure, if I was going to run something sleazy I would not do it in Parkville…I would have gone somewhere that would have allowed for that niche. But this is nothing but a simple bed and breakfast that prefers adult couples instead of families.”

Byers said her children sometimes accompany her to the bed and breakfast, but she tries to keep them away since it is indeed a romantic place.

“It's not a scene that I am embarrassed about them seeing. I don't see any harm in my children seeing couples,” said Byers. “What they do behind their closed door I am not aware of. I could care less what they do behind the closed door, because it is not loud, it is not noisy, and it is not causing a problem for anyone.”

Byers describes the bed and breakfast as a relaxing place where couples can find romance, a key ingredient to marriage, said Byers.

Prior to operating the Romantic Getaway Today Inn, Byers ran several other businesses including a child care center and travel agency. She says she is a career minded individual and seems determined to succeed at her Parkville venture, in spite of at least one neighbor who is not supportive of the business.

A view inside of one of the romantic-themed rooms. For more photos
of the interior, go to
Valerie Verkamp/Landmark photos