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Lease with landlord officially terminated
County pays $8,800
to get out of Annex

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark reporter

The Platte County Commission's decision to close the Annex Center in Platte Woods resulted in an $8,827 cost to the county as a result of the early termination of the office space lease with the landlord.

According to the lease termination agreement, the lease between Platte County and Timothy Harris was not set to expire until June 30, 2012. But a cost saving initiative by the county commission resulted in the closing of the Platte County South Annex just shy of its five year lease.

The county’s last scheduled day in the Annex in Platte Woods is set to be this Friday, March 9.

Some residents in the southern part of Platte County have referred to the closing as controversial. In a recent commission session, Kathy Dusenbery, first district commissioner, said she and the county collector are “exploring options” for an alternate office presence of some fashion in the southern part of the county.

As outlined in the termination agreement, the county must pay Harris the sum of $8,827.01 before March 15.

Three employees worked the site in Platte Woods, serving the citizens of Platte County by collecting taxes, as well as providing tax receipts. One of the three employees has already been released from her position.

City officials say these services can now be done online.

An original south Annex was opened in September 1998 and moved to its current location in 2007.

Also on Monday, the Platte County Commission proclaimed the month of March as “National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month” in Platte County to “celebrate and recognize people with disabilities.”

The proclamation states “the goals of this county properly include helping people with disabilities realize full access to housing, employment and the recreational activities which help create productive and satisfying lives, and to live as independently as possible.”

The commission emphasized their support of volunteers and organizations who serve their community by providing programs, as well as activities to individuals with developmental disabilities. “Family members, friends and the community at large all play a role in supporting people with disabilities as they pursue their dreams,” added the proclamation.

Jason Brown, presiding commissioner, personally thanked Janice Tilman, who serves as the executive director on the Platte County Board of Services, for her work providing residential support for citizens of Platte County with developmental disabilities.

“As we have come to know each other over the years, there is just a greater appreciation for your work all the time,” said Brown.

In other news, the commission unanimously approved several lease agreements for undeveloped park land to be used for the purpose of hay and crop farming. Brad Hill of Beverly was awarded the contract to farm an area of land near P highway and Schaback Road in Weston. The one year lease agreement with the county is for $22,804.

The second approved lease agreement is for an area of land located at 52nd and Northwood Road in the Riverside area. The highest bid for this area of land went to Michael Summers for $100.

The final lease agreement was awarded to Kelly Rawlings for an area of undeveloped land located on Platte Ridge Park. The one year lease agreement for this area of land was $14,512. The county received four proposals for this plot of land.