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Make your picks
and be somebody

It’s about time to make your picks and be somebody.

Want to win $100 or a free year’s subscription to The Landmark? Then it’s time to start paying attention to college basketball.

The Landmark’s 16th annual NCAA Bracket Battle is coming your way soon. The contest-of course--is centered around picking winners in the men’s college basketball championship tournament.

Entry is free and limited to one per person. This year’s winner will be handed a $100 cash prize and will earn bragging rights of endless proportions.

The Landmark’s event is the largest, longest-running and most prestigious public bracket contest in Platte County.

While only the top prognosticator will earn a cash prize, there’s a chance for everyone to come out a winner. That’s because everyone who finishes with a higher score than Ivan Foley, Landmark publisher, will win a free one-year subscription to The Landmark.

Entrants will also get the chance to claim bragging rights over not just Foley but also other members of The Landmark’s cast of characters, including Chris Kamler (@thefakened on Twitter and Rambling Moron columnist on page 3), Greg Hall (@greghall24 on Twitter and Off the Couch columnist at plattecountylandmark.com), and Parallax Look columnist Brian Kubicki (@bkparallax). Maybe we’ll also encourage Landmark photojournalist Bill Hankins, cartoonist Matthew Silber, and The Right Stuff columnist James Thomas to play along.

Bracket pairings will be announced on Selection Sunday, March 11. Entries in The Landmark’s contest are due by 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 15.

Most of you know the drill. To enter, all you need to do is print off a copy of the bracket from the internet or clip one out of the newspaper. Fill out the entire bracket, making predictions on every tournament game.

The national tournament has 68 teams with two games to be played on Tuesday, March 13, But please note: The Landmark’s entry deadline isn’t until Thursday, March 15 at 11 a.m., so those two Tuesday games will not count in The Landmark standings.

When you fill out your bracket for The Landmark contest, only the games from the point the field has been reduced to 64 teams will count in our standings. Those games begin on Thursday.

Please write in the name of the team you think will win, NOT the number of the team’s seed (this makes for much easier grading by our hard-working eye-strained staff).

Any lines left blank will be counted as a loss.

As a potential tiebreaker, write in how many points you think will be scored in the national championship game.

Entries can be faxed to The Landmark at 816-858-2313, sent by email to ivan@plattecountylandmark.com, or dropped off at the historic Landmark office at 252 Main St. in beautiful downtown Platte City.

Entries can also be snail mailed to PO Box 410, Platte City, MO 64079 but remember they must arrive by Thursday, March 15 at 11 a.m.

Important: Don’t forget to write your name and phone number on your bracket. You’d be surprised how many entries are tossed each year when folks forget to sign their names to them.

Scoring will be done as follows:

Two points for each correct first round pick; four points for second round winners; six points for third round winners; eight points in the fourth round; 15 points in the fifth (Final Four) and 30 points for picking the correct tournament champion.

The up-to-date standings of our contest will be posted as the tournament moves along in the print edition of The Landmark and also at plattecountylandmark.com, at Twitter.com/ivanfoley, and at Facebook.com/ivan.foley

Questions? Call Foley at 816-858-0363 or email ivan@plattecountylandmark.com