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Plenty of city, school
board races on tap

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark reporter

The filing deadline for candidates to enter the race for the April elections on local city and school boards has expired.

Several races are taking shape, which could make for an eventful spring in local politics.

The election will be held Tuesday, April 3.

In Platte City, Dave Brooks will be competing with incumbent Frank Offutt for mayor.

In Ward 1 Bradley Fryrear, who was recently appointed to his seat by Mayor Frank Offutt to serve the remainder of Charles Cook's term, has filed. The positions currently held by Tony Paolillo of Ward 2 and Debbie Kirkpatrick of Ward 3 are also up for election. Paolillo and Kirkpatrick have filed for re-election.

Incumbent Judge Greg Dorsey, who currently serves as municipal judge, will face a challenger--newcomer Anthony Gillette.

In Riverside, incumbent Mayor Kathy Rose and Mike Fuller will be going head to head for the mayor's seat. Fuller currently serves as alderman of Ward 1.

Incumbent Ron Super is seeking re-election in Ward 1. Newcomers Seth DeRose (Ward 2) and Arthur Homer (Ward 3) have recently filed. Alderman David Hurt of Ward 3 filed with the city clerk earlier this month, but has recently withdrew his name.

In the City of Parkville four of the eight aldermen seats will be up for grabs, as well as the mayor's seat. Newcomers David Baker, Kevin Heaton, and Terry Brown have all entered the race hoping to serve Ward 1.

Incumbents Marc Sportsman of Ward 4 and Chris Fisher of Ward 2, who was appointed to his seat last year, are running.

Fisher faces a challenge from Brian Atkinson, who has previously served on the board of alderman, but left his post after moving out of Ward 4.

Newcomer Jackie Snyder is running to serve Ward 2.

Alderman Nan McManus, age 51, and Alderman Jim Brooks, age 60, are competing to become the next mayor of Parkville. Brooks has served as an alderman for five years and currently serves as the chairman of the city's Finance & Audit Committee. McManus has served as an alderman of Ward 4 for three years and also serves on the Parkville Economic Development Corporation.

Incumbent mayor Gerry Richardson is not seeking reelection.

Additionally, Parkville has a municipal judge vacancy. Sandra Ferguson has re-filed.

In Camden Point, where there are two aldermen vacancies, Josh Boydston and Sondra Stubbs will be running to fill the seats currently held by Jane Johnson of Ward 1 and Abbie Richardson of Ward 2. Stubbs has temporarily filled Abbie Richardson's seat who was appointed mid-term to fill a vacancy after the elected aldermen moved out of the area.

Kevin Boydston has re-filed for the mayor's seat.

In Edgerton, Mayor James Snook has re-filed. In addition, to the mayor re-filing Alderman Lloyd Bressman and Alderman Marshall Welch have re-filed the proper notice with the city clerk.

In Weston, newcomers Tim Hill and Joyce Burch have filed for the aldermen vacancy on Ward 2. John Collier and John Pasley currently serve on Ward 2. Newcomer Patrick Farnan has filed for the vacancy on Ward 1.

In Dearborn, Mayor Jamie Morey has re-filed for mayor. Alderman Jr. Donald Swanstone of Ward 1 and Alderman Robert Bryan of Ward 2 have re-filed. Kara Fowler Woodring and Bill Edwards have also filed.

There are two vacancies on the Platte County R-3 school board. Numerous candidates have filed including Gary G. Brown, Greg Unruh, Valrita Wilcox, Billy Kossen, Brandon Gutshall, and Lori Bogart.

The open positions are currently held by Karen Wagner, who serves as the board's president, as well as Jeana Houlahan, who serves as a board member.

In the Park Hill School District, the seats of board member David Cox and board president Denise Schnell are open. Newcomers Casey Beane, Fred Sanchez, Chris Seufert, Edward Stephen, and Allison Wurst are seeking the positions, which hold a three-year term.

West Platte School District has three vacancies, including the seat currently held by Donald Wilson. Wilson was appointed immediately following the vacancy left by Mark Huber. Donald Wilson and newcomer Chris Kendall have filed to serve the remaining one year term. John Collier, Patrick Rainey, and newcomer Justin Webb have filed seeking to serve a three year term.

In the North Platte R-1 School District, there are two board seats open. The seat of Mike Fisher, who currently serves as the board's vice president, and Tim Nash, who currently serves as the board's president, are up for re-election. Both incumbents have re-filed. Nash was elected to the board in 2003, while Fisher has served on the board since 2006.