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outlined in

What follows is the statement of probable cause filed by authorities outlining some of the evidence against Quintin P. O’Dell, 22, accused in the murder of Alissa Shippert of Platte City and the razor blade assault on Brittany Costello of Ferrelview.

Before proceeding, readers are forewarned that they may find some of the descriptions to be graphic.


On June 1, 2011 at approximately 1337 hours, Platte County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a report of a dead body at the west boat ramp of the Platte Falls Conservation Area. Upon arrival, the body of a deceased white female later identified as Alissa F. Shippert W/F, 07-06-88 of 128 Vine Street, Apt. 2, Platte City, MO. was located on the shore line of the Platte River downstream from the west boat ramp. Shippert's body was found wearing only a bikini top, face down with severe injuries to the head.

Shippert's vehicle was located in the parking lot of the boat ramp. Investigation revealed that Shippert was observed alive the afternoon of May 31, 2011 at the west boat ramp where she intended to be fishing alone. A large amount of blood and bone fragments were located on top of the bank of the Platte River just downstream from the west boat ramp near Shippert's body.

On December 26, 2011 at approximately 0340 hours Platte County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a reported stabbing at 12208 ½ Heady Avenue Apt. 255 Ferrelview, Platte County, MO. Brittany A. Costello W/F, 03-21-90 of 12208 ½ Heady Avenue Apt. 255, Ferrelview, Platte County, MO. was located in the hallway of her apartment complex with life threatening cuts to her chest and abdomen. Costello's internal organs were exposed and she had lost consciousness. Costello was on a ventilator and unconscious for several days after this incident.

Costello's most recent boyfriend Timothy Stone informed Platte County Sheriff's Detectives during an interview on December 26, 2011 that he had spoken with Costello via phone and that Quintin O'Dell was at Costello's apartment around 0130 hours as Stone spoke with O'Dell on Costello's phone. Stone was trying to find a ride to Costello's apartment the night of December 25, 2011, but was unable to do so.

O'Dell informed Platte County Sheriff's Detectives during an interview on December 26, 2011 that he had in fact asked his friend Brittany Costello if she wanted to hang out the evening of December 25, 2011. Costello invited him to her apartment in Ferrelview, MO. O'Dell advised he took a six pack of Bud Light over to Costello's apartment arriving at approximately 2330 hours December 25, 2011. Costello was on her cell phone constantly talking and/or messaging people while O'Dell was there.

O'Dell and Costello listened to music while drinking some alcohol. O'Dell claimed to have left Costello's apartment around 0130 hours on December 26, 2011 due to Costello throwing up from having too much alcohol and talking about someone else coming over that she was thinking about sleeping with.

On December 30, 2011 Costello regained consciousness and was able to speak investigators for the first time. Costello informed Platte County Sheriff's Detectives in subsequent interviews that Quintin O'Dell was at her apartment the night of December 25, 2011. O'Dell arrived around 2300 to 2359 hours on December 25, 2011 with a pack of Bud Light Bottles and a green box containing a bottle of Patron Tequila.

Costello drank two or three of the Bud Lights, one mixed drink of Patron and Kool-Aid that O'Dell mixed for her, and two or three shots of her own Vodka. Costello recalled passing out on her bed fully clothed in the early morning hours of December 26, 2011, and O'Dell was the only other person in the apartment with her.

Costello later woke up in the early morning hours of December 26, 2011 because she thought she was having a menstrual cramp. All the lights were turned off in Costello's apartment at this time and O'Dell was no longer there. Costello went into the bathroom of her apartment and saw herself cut open in the mirror. Costello could see she was holding her intestines and panicked falling into the bathtub. Costello ran out of her bathroom to get help by knocking on the neighbor's door across the hall.

O'Dell disclosed during an interview with Platte County Sheriff's Detectives on January 5, 2012 into January 6, 2012 that he does recall cutting open Costello's chest and abdomen with a razor blade. O'Dell witnessed Costello and Tim Stone engaged in a verbal argument about the future of their relationship via phone calls and messages on Costello's phone.

O'Dell described that he became enraged due to this heated argument he was witnessing and grabbed a razor blade he had earlier discovered on Costello's kitchen counter. O'Dell showed Detectives the motion he used to cut open Costello, which was consistent with the injuries Costello sustained. O'Dell recalled seeing Costello's intestines fall out of her abdomen on the living room floor of her apartment. O'Dell collected the beer bottles that he brought over and walked out of Costello's apartment.

O'Dell drove back to his residence on Ridgeview Drive. O'Dell believed the latest he may have been at Costello's apartment was approximately 0300 hours on December 26, 2011. O'Dell woke up at his residence later in the day on December 26, 2011 to find dried blood on his hands and red shirt. O'Dell threw away the blood stained shirt with the beer bottles he brought back from Costello's apartment.

During this same interview of O'Dell in January of 2012, O'Dell disclosed that he lived at his mother's home located at 5 North Vine View, Platte City, MO. where he lived in May and June of 2011. O'Dell claims to have left his mother's home walking bare foot upstream on the shore of the Platte River walking under Interstate 29 into the Platte Falls Conservation Area.

O'Dell located an old hatchet under Interstate 29 on the shore of the river, which he picked up and continued to carry with him. O'Dell recalled that on a sunny warm day at the end of May 2011 he discovered his co-worker Alissa Shippert fishing on the banks of the Platte River at the west boat ramp of the Platte Falls Conservation Area.

O'Dell sat and talked with Shippert for approximately two hours and watched her fish. At one point O'Dell got into the river as Shippert was catching a lot of tree branches with her fishing pole due to the extremely high water level. O'Dell lost his footing and fell under water. O'Dell knew that if he swam down he would find a hump on the bottom of the river downstream from the boat ramp where he could get his footing and walk out of the river.

O'Dell resurfaced downstream from Shippert's location and began to walk the shore back to her. O'Dell discovered Shippert now standing partially submerged in the river screaming for O'Dell as she thought he had drowned. O'Dell was too far downstream from Shippert for her to hear him yelling that he was ok. O'Dell eventually made his way back to Shippert and came up behind her.

Shippert started yelling at and slapping O'Dell for frightening her. O'Dell could not calm Shippert down so he bear hugged her from behind to control her arms. Shippert then began to kick O'Dell. Shippert eventually calmed down and he released his hold on Shippert. Shippert immediately started slapping him again for frightening her.

O'Dell claims that both he and Shippert reached for his hatchet on his canteen belt. O'Dell pulled the hatchet away from Shippert and remembered striking her in the back of the head with the hatchet blade side while she was standing up. Shippert collapsed to the ground falling backwards on the bank of the river. O'Dell remembered seeing a lot of blood running down the bank into the river from Shippert's head.

O'Dell sat down on the bank realizing what had happened. O'Dell believed that Shippert was crying and in pain. O'Dell stated he decided to end her suffering, got on his knees beside her body and repeatedly struck her in the face with the hatchet until she was no longer crying or breathing. O'Dell sat on the bank for fifteen to twenty minutes having an emotional breakdown seeing the hatchet laying on the bank beside Shippert's body.

O'Dell decided to get back in the river and hope that he drowns for what he had done. As O'Dell got back in the river carrying the hatchet he lost his footing and slipped. O'Dell reached for something on the bank to stop his fall, and grabbed Shippert's body pulling her body into the river with him.

O'Dell slipped under water releasing his grasp on Shippert's body and dropping the hatchet. O'Dell returned home by floating back to Platte City in the Platte River at which time he took a shower and went to sleep. O'Dell heard of Shippert's body being discovered approximately two days later while he was at work.