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Candidates filing for open
city positions
Contested races for Parkville mayor; judge in Platte City

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark reporter

An array of positions are up for grabs in the next municipal election, set for April 3.

Filing opened on Tuesday of this week and can be done until Jan. 17 at 5 p.m.

In Parkville, two candidates have already filed to seek the two year term for mayor.

Incumbent Mayor Gerry Richardson recently told The Landmark that he is hanging up his hat and will not be seeking re-election.

Alderman Nan McManus, age 51, as well as, Alderman Jim Brooks, age 60, will compete to become the city’s next mayor.

The mayor of Parkville receives an annual compensation of $14,400. City code requires applicants to be the age of 25, a citizen of United States, and a resident of Parkville, as well as a resident one year preceding the election.

Four of the eight aldermen seats will be on the April 3 ballot. Of the incumbents, Chris Fisher of Ward 3 will run for re-election. Fisher was appointed to his seat earlier this year.

Newcomers Kevin Heaton and Terry Brown are running for alderman of Ward 1, and newcomer Jackie Snyder is running for the seat on Ward 2.

There is also a municipal judge vacancy which serves a two year term. Incumbent Sandra Ferguson has filed to be on the April 3 ballot.

Similar to Parkville, the City of Platte City has several vacancies including the position of mayor, municipal judge, as well as three of the six aldermen seats: Bradley Fryrear of Ward 1, Tony Paolillo of Ward 2, and Debbie Kirkpatrick of Ward 3.

Of the incumbents, Alderman Tony Paolillo and municipal judge Greg Dorsey, have filed for re-election. Anthony Gillette has filed to run against incumbent Dorsey for municipal judge.

Incumbent Mayor Frank Offutt has already filed to seek re-election.

The mayor of Platte City receives a compensation of $550 a month and a $168 insurance benefit. Platte City aldermen receive a monthly pay rate of $291.

In Riverside, Mayor Kathy Rose is seeking re-election. Three of the six aldermen seats that are up for election include: Ron Super of Ward 1, Bernie Bruns of Ward 2, and David Hurt of Ward 3. It has been confirmed that David Hurt will seek re-election.

Pursuant to city code, “aldermen shall be at least twenty-one (21) years of age, a citizen of the United States and a resident of the City at the time of, and at least one (1) year preceding, his/her election, as well as a resident of the ward from which he/she is elected.”

In Weston, two of the four aldermen seats are up for grabs, including Brandon Kohake's seat of Ward 1 and Tim Hill's seat of Ward 2. Newcomer Joyce Burch has applied to fill the vacancy of Ward 2.

Aldermen in the city of Weston receive an annual salary of $2,000. That is half of what the mayor of Weston receives.