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Park Hill won’t take
KC transfer students
KC’s troubles
won’t have impact

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark reporter

The Park Hill School District last week reported it will not accept transferred students from the Kansas City Missouri School District.

With the recent news of the Kansas City Missouri School District being stripped of its accreditation, Dr. Mark Miles, deputy superintendent for the Park Hill School District, announced to the board that the recent occurrence in the Kansas City School District will not directly affect the Park Hill School District.

The Kansas City Missouri School District will lose its accreditation at the first of the year.

As a result of this action, students of the Kansas City School District will have the option of transferring to an accredited school district in Jackson County or an adjoining county. The districts that receive the students will not be allowed to limit the amount of students transferring to their district.

Pursuant to RSMo. § 167.131, a board of education that does not maintain its accreditation must pay the tuition and transportation for each student who attends an accredited school in another district of the same or an adjoining county.

The statute further states, the amount of tuition to be charged is the per student cost of maintaining the district's grade level grouping. The board of education must determine this cost, but the amount should not exceed the total spent for teachers' wages, incidental purposes, debt service, maintenance, and replacements.

According to Dr. Miles, given that the boundary lines of both Platte County and Jackson County, the Park Hill School District will not serve as an option to students seeking an accredited school district.

On the other hand, the North Kansas City School District may be affected by this change, since they share a boundary line. The area charter schools within the Kansas City School District boundary may also be affected.

Currently, there is a lawsuit working its way through the legal system which could affect the current law.

In the case of Turner v. School District of Clayton, the Missouri Supreme Court has recently overturned a summary judgment granted to the School District of Clayton and remanded the case back to the circuit court. The case is scheduled to come before the court on Jan. 23, 2012.

The outcome of this case could change the current law.