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Rash of burglaries,
thefts hit Sunday night

by Valerie Verkamp
Landmark reporter

One place most people normally feel completely safe is in their homes.

After what took place in Platte City last Sunday night, Aug. 28, many folks might be a little unsettled about safety at this point.

Fifteen Platte City residents have filed reports with the Platte City Police Department reporting that an intruder(s) entered either their home or vehicle while they slept last Sunday night/early Monday.

Many of the victims have reported possessions stolen, but none of the victims have reported any property damage.

According to an officer in the Platte City Police Department, not a single home was spared on one street. The area that got hit was limited to the southwest part of the city near the intersection of Fourth Street and Collins Drive.

In an effort to obtain targeted items, the burglar gained entry by simply walking into the victim's unlocked homes. Unlocked cars were more heavily targeted. The items that were stolen from the intrusions included guns, wallets, purses, brief case, GPS, cell phone chargers, CD's, car radios and speakers.

One victim reported having two rifles and a .41 magnum stolen from his home. This type of firearm is primarily used for hunting. Fortunately, the pistol and both rifles were found in another victim's front yard the following morning.

Less than half a mile away, another home was entered between the hours of 10 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. The victim awoke at 3:30 a.m. and had noticed the sliding glass door in the kitchen was open. The following morning the victim noticed her purse had been stolen.

Rick Cline, one of the victims from Sunday night's crime spree, informed The Landmark that his wallet was stolen from the center console of his Dodge Avenger.

“There was no cash in my wallet, but I need to obtain a new driver’s license,” said Rick Cline. His eyes appeared heavy with concern as he listed the items in his wallet that had been stolen, including a social security card, debit and charge card.

Cline’s other vehicle, a 2000 Dodge Stratus, was also targeted. Cline stated that the console was left open by the thief, but nothing was taken.

Another victim that reported several stolen items from his vehicle noticed that the burglar left behind two checkbooks in the car that the burglar had rummaged through during the night. The victim's vehicle was parked on the side of his residence.

Neither victim reported seeing a suspect in the overnight hours nor could they report any possible suspects.

Currently, the police have no one in custody in connection to the incidents, said Platte City Detective Al DeValkenaere

“We have recovered fingerprints and we are going to send them off to the lab,” DeValkenaere said
The time frame to obtain these results could take a month.

Officer Michael Reilly of the Platte City Police Department wants to remind the public of the importance of protecting yourself.

“Lock your doors and lock your cars,” Reilly warned.

Just last fall a crime of similar magnitude occurred in Platte City.