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Casey's says it doesn't
have room to sell Landmarks;
go to KCL Express instead

by Ivan Foley
Landmark reporter

Sorry folks, but the big guy who manages the Casey's General Store in Platte City says he doesn't have the shelf room anymore to sell copies of The Landmark.

Store manager Ron—and why do I get the feeling there's more (perhaps politics? perhaps 'friendship' with a Landmark competitor?) to the story than Ron is telling me—has made the decision to carry the St. Joseph News Press on his rack instead of your local Landmark. He claims the home office now limits him to just 3 newspapers on the shelf, and he just gets too many requests for that St. Joe paper.

Hmm. A local paper operated and read by folks who have repeatedly purchased gasoline and other convenience items at Ron's little store over the years gets pushed off the shelf by a decision to carry a daily paper from 40 miles away, a daily paper that contains very little information readers can't get in the KC Star, which is also carried inside Ron's store. Nothing like building local partnerships, huh?

All I can tell you is that since we started selling Landmark's at Caseys a few months ago, sales have steadily increased each week at the location. Maybe now you can understand that I have my doubts that Ron is shooting me straight on this one when he says he can justify carrying the News-Press over The Landmark.

But hey, let's don't get mad. We've been down this censorship road before. Remember several years ago when the county commission got ticked off about my editorials and took the legal notice bid away from The Landmark? I want to thank them for that. It was the stimulus that has led to us becoming Platte County's fastest growing paid circulation newspaper the past four years running.

Readers who used to grab a copy of the print version of The Landmark at Casey's need to simply make the short drive across the bridge from Casey's to the clean, professionally run KCL Express convenience store in Tracy. And hey, while you're there, be sure to fill your tank with KCL's superior quality gasoline and buy as many convenience items as you like without having to fight your way through a crowd of chain-smoking, tobacco-chewing loafers hanging out in the store.

Meanwhile, the local Casey's store, under the fearless and intelligent leadership of the big guy named Ron, I'm sure will continue to make a boatload of money selling those St. Joseph papers like hot cakes.