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North Platte will study tax
increase for air conditioning

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

An announcement by the North Platte R-1 School Board on Dec. 19, may cut back the number of early dismissals due to the heat when warm Kansas City temperatures roll around.

The inclusion of a tax levy for air conditioning in the district's buildings that don't already have it, may be in the 15-percent range. The levy would include electric and maintenance costs, with the district covering the remaining balance necessary for installation.

Dr. Francis Moran, superintendent of the North Platte R-1 School District said, the board will continue to discuss the matter and determine how many units to install and at what locations. The amount of the levy increase will be determined at the next board meeting, scheduled to be held on Jan. 16.

The North Platte R-1 School Board also approved a revised 2002 budget. Instead of showing a surplus like previous years, the 2002 budget shows a deficit of $15,811 due to approximately $100,000 cuts in funds received from the state than was originally projected. The board is currently not showing any distress regarding the loss due to funds in their reserve account.

Steve Wegner, 2nd District Platte County Commissioner, talked with the board regarding a partnership between the county, communities of northern Platte County and the school district to help determine how funds allocated for parks and rec will be spent.

The discussion focused around the funds received from the county's half cent sales tax for parks. Wegner stated he hoped to see the approximately $2 million split evenly between the northern communities of Platte County. Further discussion proposed dividing the funds between the North Platte and West Platte School Districts.

The board of education passed a resolution stating, "The North Platte R-1 School District is interested in exploring the feasibility of partnering with Platte County to meet current and future recreational needs of patrons in northern Platte County."

In other action, the board continued to discuss tuition reimbursement for on-line and distance learning classes. While no decision has been rendered at this time, a committee is reviewing the issue.