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Guns, drugs, money
confiscated in search

Several weapons, more than $2,000 in cash and drugs were confiscated from a home along Gates Drive West in Platte City on Wednesday. Photo courtesy of the Platte City Police Department.

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Guns, ammunition, drugs, and money were confiscated during a police search of a residence in Platte City on Wednesday morning.

At 2:35 a.m. Wednesday, July 1 Platte City police officers searched the home of Ben Walls at 1846 Gates Drive West.

According to a request for a search warrant, Jacob Walls, 26, of Platte City, allegedly sold two grams of dimethyltryptamine (DMT) for $250 to an undercover officer in Lenexa, Kan on June 4.

Walls also allegedly sold 1.25 ounces of “magic mushrooms” to an undercover officer in Lenexa, Kan. on Tuesday, June 30.

Walls was arrested after the second sale of drugs. When the officers searched him, authorities say they found 0.5 ounces of hydroponic marijuana, two Xanax tablets, 0.1 grams of dimethyltryptamine, one ounce of “magic mushrooms,” and a scale in a backpack.

According to the request, during questioning in Lenexa, Walls said he had a quarter pound of “magic mushrooms” and four or five marijuana pipes at his home in Platte City. Walls also said there were two rifles, an AK-47, and a hunting rifle belonging to his father in the home.

Richard Sayles, police chief, said Ben Walls owns the property and is currently out of town. Jacob Walls has been living at the residence recently.

When officers searched the home, they seized a box with plastic bags and a plastic shopping bag with mushrooms inside. They also found a plastic bag containing a red rock- like substance, clear plastic bags, a box with four marijuana pipes and rolling papers, and $2,610 in cash.

There was also a nylon pouch with three glass vials with a tan residue inside. A grey canvass bag with vials labeled Clomiphene, Cabercrolin, and Cyanoco Balamin, and syringes with needles attached.

Police also seized four mason glass jars with a brown-green substance inside and aluminum foil over the top. There were also two plastic bottles with a tan liquid inside.

The officers located a Winchester model 62A 22-caliber rifle, a Smith and Wesson model 3000 12-guage shotgun, a Winchester 30-06, and a Norinco HM90 7.62x39.

Also recovered was a box with 19 boxes of 7.62x39 ammunition and three magazines.

Sayles on Wednesday afternoon said charges are pending against Walls following the search. Sayles also said they are sending the substances in the jars to be tested to confirm whether they are illegal narcotics.

According to Sayles, one of the rifles was reported stolen in Alaska back in 1979.

Around 5 a.m. on Wednesday, Jacob Walls had changed his status on Facebook, a social web site, to read: “i (sic) just got plundered by the cops....yeesh (sic)....TOOK MY ESCROW MONEY FOR CLOSINGS!!!!!”



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