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RV storage facility
approved on appeal

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The Hwy. 92 corridor will have a new development after the Platte County Board of Zoning Adjustment approved a special use permit for an RV facility.

The board heard the appeal on Tuesday, June 16 by the property owners, Steve and Laquetta Kerwin. The plan was originally denied by the Platte County Planning and Zoning commission on Tuesday, May 12 by a vote of 6-2.

The Kerwins then appealed the decision to the board of zoning adjustment to reconsider the application.

The plan is to place several large recreational vehicle (RV) storage buildings on a 6.82 acre lot at the corner of Leipard Lane and Highway 92 east of Platte City. The site will include two primary buildings, one containing offices at 30 x 55 feet attached to a building at 60 x 66 feet with four stalls for RV storage. Another building would be 60 x 305 feet for RV storage with 18 stalls. There is also the possibility for a third future building at 50 x 200 feet with 11 stalls.

The plan originally called for a sewage lagoon on the property, but the development will now be required to connect to the local sewer system.

Neighbors in the Red Rock neighborhood opposed the development, saying it would decrease their property values, cause safety problems, and decrease their quality of life. They started to organize their efforts.

The board of zoning adjustment determined the development would not substantially decrease property values and complied with county zoning regulations.

Board members voted to approve the special permit with six conditions. The conditions include having the special use permit be valid for perpetuity. Road improvements must be made to widen Leipard Lane from Highway 92 to the entrance for the property. The facility must be connected to a sewer system. Two additional rows of trees have to be planted along Leipard Lane to block the view. All easements for the sewer connection must be obtained before a building permit is issued. Drains from the storage bays have to be connected to an oil and water separator before connecting to the sewer.

The board of zoning adjustment voted 3-0 in favor of approving the application.

Planning and zoning staff previously recommended that the commission approve the application.



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