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Platte City stimulated
with funds

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Platte City's public utilities may be stimulated soon.

Platte City was approved to receive funding to increase the size of a sewer line through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA, also known as the Stimulus Bill).

The ARRA funds will provide half funding for the $1.3 million project.

According to a request for proposal form, the project will increase the size of the sewer line beginning near Highway 92 and going south along the Platte River to the wastewater treatment plant. The line currently serves the Tracy area and northern Platte City.

Jason Metten, city administrator, said the other portion of the funding will come through Missouri's State Revolving Fund (SRF). The SRF provides low interest loans to local municipalities.

Metten said the loans are repaid through revenues generated from utilities. Metten said there is a previous water project the city will be finished repaying in 2010 and will have the means to repay further loans.

Metten also said the city has applied for funding to construct a redundant loop for the city's water system. The board recently approved a feasibility study for $6,000 to move the project forward.

The water project, if approved, would provide an additional loop from the tan water standpipe. The line would allow the city to continue using water even if a line broke.

The water line construction would also use SRF money.

The Platte City Public Works subcommittee may hold six public hearings on the issues at their meeting on Monday, Aug. 3.

Metten said the public hearings are required to use the SRF money. He said each public hearing will focus on a different aspect of the projects.



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