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School sewer plan still a
matter of concern

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

There has not been a formal recommendation from the staff at the Park Hill School District regarding a proposed sewer line from Union Chapel Elementary.

However, Sue Lange, a resident who lives near the proposed sewer line, said she received a letter saying the district staff intends to recommend using gravity fed sewers over other options.

The district had originally recommended using gravity fed sewers, but began looking into other options after neighbors expressed concerns with mandatory fees and charges for neighbors required to connect to the sewer. The line would run 1.7 miles and cost the district $1.25 million to construct.

After construction the line would be turned over to the Platte County Regional Sewer District (PCRSD) for maintenance.

Recently the district was presented with several on-site solutions for treating sewage from the school without having to construct a sewer line.

Lange questioned whether the district was being responsible with their money by spending $1.25 million on the gravity fed sewers over an on-site option of $165,000.

Lange said the district had other options which would not cost the district as much money over the long run. She pointed to a recent code of conduct approved by the board of education.

Part of the code states, “I will demonstrate fiscal responsibility in allocating resources in support of the district's Vision, Mission, Values (VMV) and goals.”

A recent study by SK Design Group recommended the district use an on-site option called a membrane biological reactor (MBR) with an initial cost of $979,298 and a 30-year cost of $2.2 million.

The Park Hill School District estimates the 30-year cost for a gravity fed sewer system would be $1.57 million.

Another option studied by SK Design Group was for a holding tank with a cost of $104,520 for construction; however the 30-year cost would be $3 million.

District officials may make a recommendation to the school board at the next meeting on Thursday, June 11.



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