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by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Road construction will make drivers frustrated, but one man in Platte City allegedly became so mad he punched another driver.

On Wednesday, May 6 around 1 p.m. two vehicles were stopped at the light at the intersection of 92 Highway and Running Horse Road attempting to turn left to go south on Running Horse.

According to Al Devalkenaere, Platte City detective, the suspect's vehicle was in the left lane and the victim was in the right lane. After both turned the corner on to Running Horse, the construction narrows the road to one lane and the left lane must merge into the right.

Devalkenaere said the victim continued driving and the suspect's red Ford F-150 Crew Cab truck got behind the other vehicle.

The Ford then got back into the left lane and began yelling and gesturing towards the second vehicle, according to Devalkenaere. The second vehicle then turned right onto Maple Farm Road and the Ford then allegedly turned from the left lane to follow, cutting off another vehicle on the roadway.

Devalkenaere said that the driver of the first vehicle stopped when he realized the Ford was still following him and began to get out of the vehicle. The driver of the Ford approached the first driver and allegedly pushed the first driver and then punched him.

The driver of the Ford then left the scene, driving down River Run Drive.

Devalkenaere said the suspect lives in the county just outside of Platte City and the victim lives in Platte City. No names are being released as of yet, pending the filing of any charges.

Devalkenaere said the department is discussing the case with the county prosecutor's office to determine whether to file state road rage charges or to file city assault charges. He said the city prosecutor is reviewing the case and should make a decision soon.

Platte City Police believe they have identified the suspect in the incident, but had not yet questioned him as of Wednesday because he had not returned their phone calls and a warrant had not been issued.



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