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Hannah Rickman wins Landmark Award

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The winner of an annual award given to a Platte County R-3 High School student by The Landmark has been chosen.

Hannah Rickman has received a $250 scholarship (cash prize) from the newspaper, thanks to being selected by a faculty panel as the winner of The Landmark English Award.

Rickman was chosen by the English teachers at the school to receive the award for being the best senior English student.

Rickman is a participant in vocal music at the school and also competes in the academic bowl and is the captain of the academic world quest team at the school. She is also a member of the girls golf team at the school.

After graduation, Rickman will be attending Truman State University where she received one of the top scholarships to the school. She received the General John J. Pershing scholarship.

The competitive scholarship covers full tuition costs, room and board, and a $4,000 study abroad stipend.

Rickman said she plans on majoring in political science at Truman and said she hopes to perhaps become a politician after graduating.

“She is an astute student who over-excels in the thought process,” said Lenora Miles, English teacher. “She earned this award because she has a wonderful control of the language, both orally and written.”

The Landmark English Award has been given every year since 1982 to a senior student at the Platte County R-3 High School. The Landmark began the award in order to foster an interest in the English language. The winners are chosen by a faculty panel to receive the $250 scholarship from the newspaper. In addition to the check, the newspaper also gives the winner a certificate signed by school officials and the newspaper’s publisher.

The scholarship money is free for the recipient to use on any purchase they wish.

Hannah Rickman becomes the 28th winner of The Landmark English Award. The entire list of winners in order:

1982:Natalie Parrett.
1983: Tamera Jones.
1984: Shane Lee Zembles.
1985: Amy Deterding.
1986: Chaundra Crawford.
1987: Sherry Stanton.
1988: Rebecca Ann Brown.
1989: Lisa Pancake.
1990: Jennifer Fowler.
1991: Jennifer Donnelli.
1992: Tyra Miller.
1993: James Davis.
1994: Megan Boddicker (later became a Landmark intern/employee and is now an R-3 teacher).
1995: Kerry Durrill.
1996: Jamie Knodel.
1997: Laura Donald.
1998: Christa Fuller.
1999: Alison Miller (later became a Landmark employee).
2000: Alison Coons.
2001: Valerie French.
2002: Devon Paul.
2003: Tara Gutshall.
2004: Elizabeth Anderson.
2005: Anne Mullins.
2006: Branson Billings.
2007: Kelsie Blakley
2008. Peter Rasmussen.
2009: Hannah Rickman.



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