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NP teachers get 3% salary hike

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Teachers in the North Platte School District will soon have more to celebrate than simply the end of the school year. The board of education approved a salary increase for teachers during their meeting on Wednesday.

The board discussed salary options during a special session before the regular meeting and approved the increases during the regular session.

The base salary will increase from $31,000 to $31,650 for starting teachers. The new salary represents an increase of 2.86 percent for all positions.

The changes also include vertical and horizontal steps on the salary schedule, allowing teachers to earn higher salaries. A teacher on step 5 with a bachelor of science degree and 24 additional credit hours could make $34,885.

The increase puts the district in the middle of several other districts in the area. According to information provided by Jeff Sumy, superintendent, the lowest salary listed is East Buchanan with $31,000, next is Clinton County R-3 with a salary of $31,250, then Mid-Buchanan with a base salary of $31,500.

The increase places the district below Lathrop with a salary of $32,000. West Platte had a base salary of $33,100 and Platte County R-3 has a base salary of $34,500.

The district also approved adding dental benefits for employees of the district with the salary increases.

The total cost for the dental benefits is estimated at $18,000, however with the cost sharing between the district and staff, the district will pay $9,000.

The board also accepted the certified election results of Tim Nash and Mike Fisher during the April election at the meeting.

The board then voted to have Nash resume the board president position and Fisher resume the vice president position. Debie Asher was elected as the treasurer for the board.



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