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Appointment okayed by aldermen
Ken Bruene named to city's parks board

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Platte City's Parks Board has a new member after the board of aldermen approved the appointment of Ken Bruene on Monday.

Bruene is now the seventh member of the nine-seat board. Earlier the board dipped to only having four members, but an effort by Frank Offutt, mayor, has gotten three new appointments with another expected in May.

On Tuesday, Offutt introduced Bruene as his appointment to the board.

Bruene said he wanted to be on the board because he “wanted to help.”

“(The city) indicated they were short on help and I have a lot of experience on similar committees,” said Bruene.

Bruene said he has served on a soil conservation board in Platte County and also worked for the Environmental Protection Agency in Kansas City, Kan. for 10 years. He said his background is in farming from Iowa and has lived in Platte City for 20 years and moved to the area because his daughters live here.

Recently, new members appointed to the parks board include Jesse Cox and Steve Harris. Other members on the board are John Kurtz, president, Ron Porter, Jason Tinder, and Jerry Kuehn.

Offutt also said there would be another appointment to the parks board for the board of aldermen to approve in May.

Tuesday night, the board of aldermen approved the appointment of Bruene with a vote of 6-0.

Aldermen also appointed Debbie Kirkpatrick, alderman, to be their representative to the parks board. Offutt said Kirkpatrick would attend the meetings of the parks board in order to have better communication between the two boards.



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