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Split vote over whether to replace more curbs
CIP talk grows contentious

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The city's Capital Improvements Program (CIP) will expand after a contentious discussion by Platte City's Board of Aldermen.

A resolution to increase the amount of curbs being replaced in the 2009 CIP passed the board with a vote of 4-2 on Monday. The measure increases the footage of curbs being replaced by 215 feet resulting in an increase of $7,525.

The curbs identified will be cut, torn out, and replaced at a price of $35 per foot.

The idea of increasing the number of curbs was brought up by Aaron Jung and Tony Paolillo, aldermen, after seeing some curbs were damaged and not marked for replacement.

Andy Stanton, alderman, asked Jung if he had received any complaints about the curbs.

“I took it upon myself,” said Jung. “I walked the streets yesterday in the rain and saw which curbs had failed. I believe I am one of two voices in Ward 3 and I make it a point to drive around the area. I posed the question and took it upon myself to see the areas and mark them.”

Marsha Clark, alderman, said she drove the area as well and thinks the number of curbs is excessive.

“I saw some cracks, but I think (the length) can be cut down quite a bit,” said Clark. “The worst ones can be dug up, but the rest we could just seal.”

Stanton said he had a problem with the resolution because it did not include a total price written on it.

“I drove the streets and did not see anything to get my underwear in a knot,” said Stanton. “Except for the curb on Catie Lane, I'll give you that one. The biggest problem I have is there is no price written down on it.”

A portion of curb on Catie Lane has shifted to be about 1.5 inches above where it should be, according to Jung.

Jung said that the majority of the curbs were on hills and that sealing the cracks would only be a temporary fix and would not solve problems possibly under the curb.

Ron Stone, alderman, said he agreed with Clark that the city should look at a sealant for the curbs.

Jung said he wanted the citizens to get the best value in the CIP.

“I went out with the best intentions to make sure the citizens of Platte City receive the best value for their dollar,” said Jung.

Jason Metten, city administrator, said the expanded curb price would not put the city over budget for the 2009 CIP.

“In the grand scheme of an $800,000 project, an additional $7,000 may not be worth the time we have spent on it tonight,” said Metten. “What's going to put us in trouble is what we find when we mill the street.”

Metten said that the big cost may come if the city has to repair the substructure of a street when they find a problem after taking off the top layer of asphalt.

The city budgeted $800,000 for the 2009 CIP and the lowest bidder for the project was Little Joe's Asphalt. The cost of the project is $443,340.10, including an increase in the amount of streets being resurfaced.

The resolution passed the board with a vote of 4-2. Stanton and Clark voted against the resolution.

The idea of replacing some curbs was discussed at the public works subcommittee meeting last week. During that meeting, Jung said the length of curbs would be around 100 feet. Metten said the cost for replacing the curbs would be about $65 per foot resulting in a total price of $6,500.

The subcommittee recommended approving the replacement of the curbs. The subcommittee members are Stanton, Clark, and Debbie Kirkpatrick.



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