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More county election
results are listed

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

The election on Tuesday saw a total turnout of voter of only 5.89 percent. There were 3,574 ballots cast in all of Platte County.

The lowest voter turnout was in the City of Parkville Ward 4 with only 2.4 percent of the 933 registered voters going to the polls. The highest turnout was at the Village of Iatan with 42.4 percent of the 33 registered voters going to the polls.

On the West Platte School Board John Collier and Patrick Raney won the election. Collier received 418 votes and Raney received 267 votes. Jeff Vandel received 265 votes and Barbara Diment had 141 votes. The district had 22.1 percent voter turnout.

At the Village of Iatan voters could choose three candidates and there were three names on the ballot. Lloyd Crawford, Teresa Shaw, and Tom Shaw all received six votes or 16.22 percent of the votes.

There were 19 votes for write-in candidates. The turnout in the village was 14 of the 33 registered voters making 42.4 percent.

The City of Riverside had three contested races for alderman positions.

In Ward 1, incumbent Mike Fuller won with 102 votes or 77.86 percent. Al Bowman received 29 votes or 22.14 percent. The ward had 26.3 percent turnout.

In Ward 2, Aaron Thatcher received 31 votes or 62 percent. Wilburn Poe received 18 votes or 36 percent. Turnout was 5.9 percent of registered voters.

In Ward 3, Bradley Cope received 53 votes or 54.08 percent. Incumbent Pamela Darata received 45 votes or 45.92 percent. The ward had 29.1 percent turnout.

The City of Houston Lake passed a fee for recycling services for the city with 28 votes in favor of the $5 fee. The total was 28 in favor and 21 opposed.

The city also passed a tax levy of $0.73 per $100 assessed value for another four years with 47 votes in favor. The total was 47 in favor and 3 against.

The Farley Special Road District passed a levy of $0.35 per $100 assessed value for the next four years. The total votes were 56 in favor and 19 against. Turnout was 13.4 percent.

Lake Waukomis also passed a tax levy of $1.4905 per $100 assessed valuation for the next three years. The levy passed with 188 votes in favor and 16 votes against. Turnout was 26.5 percent in the city.

At Dearborn the winners of the mayor and Ward 1 alderman race will not be known until the Board of Elections certifies the write-in votes because there were no candidates on the ballot.

In Ward 2, the Board of Elections will also decide the winner by calculating the write-in votes. Myles Decker received 12 votes and 40 were cast for write-in candidates. The turnout was 34.5 percent in the ward.

In Parkville there was only one contested race with Charlie Poole as a write-in candidate against Deborah Butcher for the Ward 1 seat.

Butcher won the election with 82 votes or 63.08 percent. The turnout was 16.5 percent of registered voters. There were 48 write-in votes against Butcher.

In Ward 2, Gia McFarlane was unopposed and received 24 votes or 85.71 percent. The turnout was 2.8 percent.

In Ward 3, Marvin Ferguson was unopposed and received 27 votes or 100 percent. The turnout was 2.8 percent.

In Ward 4, Nan McManus was unopposed and received 18 votes or 100 percent. The turn out was 2.4 percent.

The City of Tracy elected the incumbents Julie Thomas and Aaron Bryant to the alderman-at-large terms for two years. Thomas received 18 votes and Bryant had 15 votes. Bobby Roediger had 15 votes for a one-year unexpired term. The total turnout was 13.5 percent in the city.



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