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Resident will get audit of
area water district

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

A state audit is being conducted on the Platte County Public Water Supply District No. 6 after a petition by a resident.

County resident Martin Olson collected 256 signatures on a petition to request that State Auditor Susan Montee's office conduct an audit of the district. The auditors began collecting information from the district on March 9, according to Allison Bruns, director of communications with the auditor's office.

According to Olson, he requested the audit because he could not get answers from the board of directors about finances and salaries of employees.

“I couldn't get answers from the board of directors. I wanted to know why the office manager was paid mileage for attending board meetings and the board told me it was none of my business,” said Olson.

Olson said that when they hired the office manager they paid $36,000 for training for her.

Olson said the district also hired an assistant for the manager and he asked the board if they advertised the position in the paper and he got no response.

According to information from the state auditor’s office, a minimum of 167 signatures was required to request the audit. Olson collected 256 signatures. Olson said there are 731 people in the district.

The audit is expected to cost between $10,000 and $20,000, according to Bruns. The cost will be paid by the water district.

The state auditor is asking anyone with information relevant to the audit to write to the office at P.O. Box 869, Jefferson City, MO 65102 or to email

Bruns said the auditors are still in the field gathering information and are expected to finish soon.
Once the audit is finished, the findings are scheduled to be delivered at a public meeting of the water district board.

Water supply district No. 6 covers an area generally south of Weatherby Lake and north of 68th Street in unincorporated Platte County. The district is bounded by Parkville at The National on the west and Kansas City along the east.

The office for the water district is located at 7123 NW Eastside Drive in the county.



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