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Stanton, Stone will
return as aldermen

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Platte City's three aldermen up for reelection will resume their positions at the next board meeting.

Ron Stone, Andy Stanton and Aaron Jung were all reelected to the board on Tuesday.

In the Ward 1 race, Stone received 61 votes and challenger Lee Roy Van Lew had 25 votes. Voter turnout in the ward was 11.3 percent.

Stone had 70.93 percent of the votes cast in the election.

“I think it is great,” said Stone. “I want to thank the people for trusting me; I appreciate their faith and trust. I will continue doing a good job for Platte City for another two years.”

Van Lew received 29.07 percent of the votes cast.

“There is little difference than two years ago,” said Van Lew. “No, I don't have any comments at all.”

In the Ward 2 race, Stanton received 53 votes and Ron Porter received 52 votes. Michael Walsh received 29 votes. Voter turnout was 14.6 percent of those registered in the ward.

Stanton had 39.55 percent of the votes cast.

“I was hoping for more of a margin, wow,” said Stanton. “Two years ago was a lot different. I wouldn't have guessed it to be that close.”

Porter received 38.81 percent of the votes cast in the district.

“I appreciate people voting for me,” said Porter.

Porter was previously on the board of aldermen when Dave Brooks was mayor. He said he was not sure whether he would run for election in the ward again.

“Right now I don't know what I'll do.”

Walsh received 21.64 percent of the votes in the ward.

“I think I can stand tall. I ran a good campaign,” said Walsh. “People voted and that's the way it is. Congratulations to Andy.”

Aaron Jung was unopposed in his reelection bid and received 100 percent of the 79 votes cast. Voter turnout was 6.7 percent in Ward 3.


3/25/09: Two aldermen will face opposition


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