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Three seeking two spots at R-1

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

In the North Platte School District there are three candidates on the ballot to fill two spots on the school board.

Two of the candidates are incumbents and are being challenged by newcomer Jon McLaughlin.

Incumbent Tim Nash is 41 years old and works for Nash Gas. Nash said he chose to run for reelection because he thinks the board and administration have done a good job and to make sure they continue.

Nash said one of the biggest issues facing the district is funding and making sure the district gets the funding from the state it needs to operate.

Nash was first elected to the board in 2003. He said he thinks he is the best candidate for the position because of his experience on the board.

“I have been there six years and I know how things run,” said Nash.

The next candidate on the ballot is Mike Fisher. Fisher is 45-years-old and works as a firefighter and paramedic in North Kansas City.

Fisher said he chose to run for reelection because there is a lot of unfinished business for the board. Some of the unfinished business is having a new superintendent and having buildings projects started.

Fisher said if reelected he wants the board to look at how to fund new schools in the future and how to keep good teachers in the district.

“We need to look closely at the state's funding,” said Fisher. “And I want to makes sure things run as they're supposed to in the next three years.”

Fisher said he is the best candidate because of his experience on the board.

“A lot of people tell me their ideas,” said Fisher. “I think I'm a good listener and I try to follow up on the ideas people have.”

The two incumbents are being challenged by Jon McLaughlin. McLaughlin is 47 and a financial analyst.

McLaughlin said he chose to run for the school board because he thinks children at North Platte are missing out on opportunities.

“It seemed like the children at North Platte were missing out on opportunities like the A+ program,” said McLaughlin. “We should have adopted the program years ago. The district has adopted it, but isn't pursuing it and hasn't implemented the program.”

McLaughlin said that if elected he wants to make sure the board follows its policies and keeps up on building maintenance.

“It seems the common maintenance has not been done over the years,” said McLaughlin. “I'd like to see the board follow its policies. The board did a lot of hiring and didn't follow their policies on posting the positions.”

McLaughlin said he has the experience to be on the board because he has been attending meetings for the last three years and knows what is going on with the board.

McLaughlin said he thinks he is the best candidate because some of the current board members just follow the superintendent's lead and he doesn't think that is always necessarily in the district's best interest.

The candidates will be on the ballot for the election on Tuesday, April 7.



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