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RV storage center
idea being opposed

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

A proposed storage center east of Platte City is being met with opposition.

The proposal by property owners Steve and Laquetta Kerwin would allow for the storage of recreational vehicles (RV) at the property at the intersection of Leipard Lane and Highway 92.

The proposal was originally set to be heard by the planning and zoning commission on March 10, but was postponed until Tuesday, April 14 at 7 p.m.

The development would consist of three buildings being constructed as well as an asphalt driveway and parking lot. The driveway would connect to Leipard Lane.

The buildings being proposed would be a 30 x 55 foot office building, a 60 x 66 foot storage building for RVs, and a 60 x 305.5 foot building for more RV storage.

The site would also require a septic system to be constructed, and requires approval from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The system was already unopposed by the Platte County Health Department. The plan would place the wastewater stabilization pond near Highway 92.

The Kerwins own three different parcels at the location. The southern most parcel is within the limits of Kansas City. The proposed development would be on the parcel along Leipard Lane in unincorporated Platte County.

The property is currently being used for agricultural purposes, but is zoned for highway commercial.

The developer is seeking a special use permit to construct the RV storage facility.

The Platte County Planning and Zoning staff has recommended for approval of the proposal to the planning and zoning commission.

Several residents in the Red Rock subdivision have formed a group to oppose the proposed development.

The residents have even started a website called to organize their efforts.

The residents are planning to hold a community meeting concerning the proposal on Monday, March 30.



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