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Deadline Thursday for Bracket Battle


If you’re reading this before 11 a.m. Thursday, there’s still time to get your shot at local fame and fortune (well, $100 anyway).

The bracket was announced on Sunday and the tourney tips off Thursday shortly after 11 a.m. To get your bracket in The Landmark’s contest, fax it to 816-858-2313 or email it to by that time. Entries can also be dropped by The Landmark office at 252 Main St. in downtown Platte City.

Be sure to write your name and phone number on your bracket, as well as how many total points you think will be scored in the championship game (for use as a potential tiebreaker).

It’s the original and longest-running public bracket contest in Platte County, and your chance to win $100 or two years worth of subscriptions to The Landmark.

The contest is open to everyone. Entry, as always, is free and limited to one per person. This year’s winner will receive the $100 first place prize, as well as bragging rights and much publicity in the pages of your Landmark and at

To enter, fill out a copy of the 64-team bracket, which you can clip out of the daily papers or pull one off the many internet sites that will have them. Pick a winner for every tournament game. Any games left blank are counted as a loss, any illegible handwriting is counted as a loss.
Entries can be faxed to 816-858-2313. They can also be emailed to or dropped by The Landmark office at 252 Main Street in historic downtown Platte City.

Again this year, Landmark publisher Ivan Foley is offering rewards to those who finish with a higher score than he does. Anyone with a better score than Foley will receive two one-year subscriptions to The Landmark, the only countywide newspaper in Platte County. To these winners, both years can be applied to the entrant’s subscription or winners can keep one year for themselves and pass the other year to a friend or family member.

It’s your chance to go head-to-head against Foley and other Landmark personalities, including columnists Russ Purvis, James Thomas, Brian Kubicki, CK Rairden, Greg Hall, Hearne Christopher, photojournalist Bill Hankins and intern Kurt Foley.

Scoring will be done as follows:

Two points for each correct first round pick; four points for second round winners; six points for third round winners; eight points in the fourth round; 15 points in the fifth round, and 30 points for picking the tourney champion.



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